[Release] MuServer 99b

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1: mirror link addded
2: Thread Cleaned!
And One More Qwestion I Need Cilent Were I Can Download Cilent ???
have one problem on event server see ss

You should use dbs from the server files.I had the same problem with my old dbs
Whos can help me for use right all ips on my server files , i have router ,
whos can help me [email protected] or use here reply .
and were i must change ip ? i have change in data all ips , and cs all ip , and in all link i have change ips , i have somthing worg?

You have to Edit and SQL Password Properly and User for SQL ....
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TCP 44405 TCP HTTP / 80 TCP 55901 55901 TCP 55970 thats only
Имам същият проблем с евент сървъра сървъра дава ми "Failed to Connect Mu2003 Event DB to Load Maximum Index/ Failed to load mutto number file" някой може ли дами помогне ? Какво грешно съм направил !
Направих си дб-тата одбц-то инсталнах ? Каква ми е грешката плс помогнете (speechless)-:)
аз мисля че е от ОДБЦ-то попринцип трябва да са 2
I must know , why i exit the game and drop me for Devil Mu Website how i can change that ?
and whos can give me good shops and spots with this version 99b+ and dont have all items with all box +1+2+3+4+5

whos can help me please add some link here

and not work !!!

DARK LORD BIRD all skils not work !!!
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та последно можели да попитам тези файлове добри ли са и крашва ли съравара ?
Правя всичко пускам сървъра без грешка и в сайта ми пише че сервера е Offline :(