[Guide] How To Setup MuServer 1.0L


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Apr 8, 2008
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1st, we’re gonna restore the database:
Open Enterprise Manger, it should look like this:

2nd, right click Database and select new Database:

3rd, name you database: MuOnline, and make another New database and name is Ranking.

4th, we’re gonna restore the database,expand the Databse and you should about 4 database, right click on the MuOnline database and select all task, a new sub menu appeared, select restore database:

5th, we’re gonna choose the right database backup, choose ‘From device”, select “Select devices”, select “Add” and click on the piscture that look like this “…” and find the database backup for MuOnline, go to your Mu server files and find Database Backup, and there should be 2 database appeared, they are MuOnline and Ranking:

Then click ok, do the same on Ranking.

6th select the Option tab, and change the destination where the backup should be place, you should a new folder in your Muserver folder, name it database. When you try to change the destination, it should look like this: “?:\blahblah\blahblah\MuOnline_Data.MDF”, change it to “D:\MuServer\database\MuOnline_Data.MDF”, do this the same on the second one and the same with Ranking. And make sure you have select Force restore over existing Database.

And you are done restoring the Database.

Now for the Server files setup.

1st, unpack the server files and put it in drive D, you need a D drive in order for the server to run.

Then go to the folder called “CS” and open common.ini files and change the ip to your ip.(What Is My IP - The IP Address Experts - WhatIsMyIP.com (R)) you can see your ip here.
In the files is should look like this:





2nd, go to Data folder and open Iplist.dat and change the ip to your wan ip, (click start, run, and type in cmd, and a new black window appear, that the command prompt, and type in ipconfig, and the ip will show, that’s you’re wan ip). Do the same on commonserver.cfg. and open lang\chs and open commonloc.cfg and change the ip to your wan ip.

3rd, now go to your GameServer folder and open MyGSFun.ini and focus on this text “
# Data Settings
DSN=DSN=MuOnline;UID=sa; PWD=xxxxx
# Server ID
# Server Name
Change the PWD to your SQL passwords, for the Server name, just leave it that way. If you want to change it to your Server name, you chould change it to in the CS folder common.ini to your Server name.
And in the serverinfo.dat in the data folder.
4th, go to: D:\MuServer\MU2003_EVENT_SERVER\DATA and open svconfig.ini and put your SQL password.
5th, go to: D:\MuServer\RankingServer and open svconfig.ini and put your SQL password.

Now all is almost done, we need to Run the odbc, go to: D:\MuServer and theres a ODBC files, open it and click yes twice and you are done.

Lets test your server, open MuStatUp.exe and edit everything there. Use your wan ip. And run it, and you are done.
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