[Help] Others cant connect to the server 1.00L


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Apr 27, 2008
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I have a problem setting up a server i used 1.00L server files everything runs perfectly but only i can connect and others can't
could somebody help me??
I forwarded all the ports that are needed i set up the IPs correctly but still others can't connect to the server

Please if can anybody Help me!!! please..:;:):sweat:
i think , if you use router/modem the problem will be in IP's
bro... i use router... i open port 44405 55901 and i try to connect my server and Disconnect to me and other people's to try to connect... i type my Real ip only to CS to data/common=local ip data/lang=local ip data/iplist=local ip
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crack the main. if you can't -> PM and i help u.
Stifi to 1.0L don't need crack the main
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