[Help] Cant connect with server

Ok guys, everything is works for now. Account maded by MuTools 2.1 are playable, dunno why but it works.

Got another problem!
Server is standing on VirtualBOX (OracleVM) Windows x84 Black Edition, .NET and VC are installed, everything is changed, every IP in files! But its on Hamachi for the testing time *for personal use of files.

And after this blahblah im getting kicked after 1min!

Im connecting not from virtualbox (mean game client) but from Host PC (not virtualbox).
Maybe you have put wrong port in lquncher? Are you using 44405 or 55901?
IP (Hamachi); port: 55901

Hamachi Channel ID: luctmu
Hamachi Password: 123

Maybe someone can try to connect this server, maybe this is mine PC problem.

Ah, sorry Ivailo99, launcher have good IP and port, im mean this from Connect Server, yes?
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I realy dont know where. I know i can do this by changing it in Connect Server but what about others?
i have like your problem so first in MEMB_INFO memb_pwd to be --> varchar 10 and use this joinserver change with your ip in txt files and everything it's ok ;)


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try with this Connect Server and Join server together it's not possible to not work delete the acc and make new with MuEdit :) and try


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@Ant1Lamer is totally right for the cs and js try with different. But I do not agree for MuEdit I don't think the problem is from MuMaker and it's a better program so try with it and if it's shitty again then try with MuEdit
JoinServer and ConnectServer downloaded and nothing, still getting DC after 1min.
Im getting kicked in-game, after login.
Ok sir, there is main but im running this server from Launcher.


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put this checksum in your data/lang/your language server
example if your server is chs and try with this cs i js :)



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Hmm, this is weird becouse when im connecting via MUClient it immediately shows the login window, im not connecting by choosing:

(server) -> (server) -> Login Windows

I getting redirected on login window at once.

Hey guys i got another error from gameserver, thats why im getting kiecked after 1min. (response error connection causes conclusion)
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Okay you could try with different game server and client?
Or at least fix this error in gs and download new client..