[Guide] Configuring your Router with MU


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Apr 23, 2008
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Router setup
After you have installed, and tested your mssql database, and made sure all the IP configurations are correct:

*Go into your router configuration Site by typing in your networks/computer DHCP server address in the address bar of explorer, iexplorer, or any address web realated system, (Diffrent for each router, mine is, you can find yours by going to run-> "command" -> then in the command prompt type "ipconfig /all" it will then display a list, look for the DHCP address.)

*Ok, now that you are in your routers configuration utility (Make sure know/have/or get the password for it, if it's password protected.) look for something called Applications/Games, portforwarding, ect..

*Once you have found the port forwarding area, you have either 2 options:

***// Before you do these options, do ipconfig again and record your local ip address (eg. Mine is //***

1) DMZ - This with the right computer address specified, will enable all possible ports to the computer.
2) PORT_FORWARDING - This will enable ports to the specified computer address that you want.
For MU, you will need:

44405 (Tcp)
55901 (Tcp)
55557 (Tcp+Udp)

(Also, if you can in your routers security section of the setup site, try checking to see if there is something like "Block annonymous requests" or something, this will be helpfull for protection against port scanners, or being pinged.)

Now try and run your server...

Please note: Configuring some files server side, that are local to the server, uses your local IP, things such as registrations, connections, that invlolve the internet, need to use your Global IP (What Is My IP? Shows your real IP - IPv4 - IPv6 - WhatIsMyIP.com(R) or check it by your "status" area of your router)

Understanding Port Forwarding

What's the point? Why is it needed? Well, a router devides an incomming connection, so it can be used by a series of other computers. They also allow the possibility for multi-networking. Port forwarding controls which ports by what computer is open. See, you cant have an incomming connection, then it saying "Hmm, im supposed to connect to 44405, but all the computers on this router are not telling me which one to goto for the specified port ), that is why we have port forwarding on a router, to assign a global port to a local computer, so it is accessable through the internet.
Well...I am just dumb...I can't seem to get ahang of the Goddamn guide -_-! How the Hell do I open the router settings page?! When I type in the address bar my router address -> my MuWeb site appears :/

Как да си намеря конфигурациите? като си напиша адреса на рутера -> излиза сайта на му (за сървъра ми)
Ip Адреса на Рутерът е :)
На моя е, но и с този става. Обаче нямам име и парола :(
Би трябвало да е на Рутера !!!

Ами спри си Апачето и няма да ти отваря сайта :d
Къде да си намеря името и паролата за това?
Хора, как да намеря/взема името и паролата за конфигурацията на Рутера ми??? Много е спешно, моля ви!
Хора, как да намеря/взема името и паролата за конфигурацията на Рутера ми??? Много е спешно, моля ви!

там където ти пише IP то някъде трябва да има Username и паролата ако не пише нищо на паролата паролата е същата като username :)