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Jul 27, 2012
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Welcome to Sky-Mu Online Server!

A classic 97d+99i for the remembering of the old times.

Sky-Mu Online is a stable server,with friendly and professional administration, daily server events and weekly events from administration.

Nicely ballanced and nicely organised so you can enjoy the maximum of your time playing with pleasure.

We are delighted to inform you about our Sky-Mu Online Server rates as below:

Server Rates: Exp 10x, Drop 30%

Points per lvl:

  • BK/SM/ELF - 5,
  • MG - 7.
Reset Lvl:
  • BK/ELF - 340
  • SM/MG - 350
Points/reset :500

Server Events and customs:

  • Blood Castle,
  • Devil of Square,
  • Sky Event,
  • Drop Event (Custom),
  • Weekly GM events and a
  • Custom Quest System
  • Custom VIP system
  • Zen Auto-pick
Everything to ensure your experience of the gameplay is at the highest level.

Do not hesitate, come,meet us and let's have fun together. Join us now!