1. D

    [AD] CobraMu Online 97d+99i+plus | Exp 200x | Max Resets 15 | OPENS 21.07

    Server Links CobraMu Online WebSite Start date: Official start date: 20.07.2020 18:00 (GMT + 2:00) Server Rates * Version: 97d+99i * Experience: 200x * Item Drop: 60% * Max Resets: 14 (Every sunday at 22:00 rise with +1 reset) * Reset Level: 350 * Reset points DK-BK: 340 X Reset Number * Reset...
  2. N

    [Help] How to see the credits obtained? 97d+99i

    Hello! I would like to know if the credits that users obtain are stored in a table in the database or elsewhere, and how they could be displayed in the game. Any command or something ... Files DarksTeam 97d+99i
  3. B

    [AD] DSDS

  4. C

    [AD] Lords-MU 97D-99i - LOW EXP - LONG TERM SERVER

    Server opened: 21.04.2020 WebSite: http://lords-mu.com/ Server name: Lords-Mu Version: 97d-99i Exp: 50x Max Resets: 999 Keep Stats: Yes Server Location: Germany Server UpTime: 24/7 Server Information Experience: 50x Drop rate: 60% Max level: 350 Max reset: 999 Reset level: 350 Max stats per...
  5. F

    [AD] MuPhoenix Xenoverse

    Hi everyone! I'm Excited to share with you a UNIQUE brand new server with an amazing client and gameplay! The server is a very UNIQUE 97d99i based on the DarksTeam Server with lots of customisation to make it absolutely enjoyable!! Come to play with us on MuPhoenix Xenoverse...
  6. S

    [AD] Smoke MU 97d+99i 5555xp Drop: 60% BG

    Server name: Smoke MU Version: 97d+99i Server is hosted from: Bulgaria Experience: 5555xp Item Drops: 60% Monster HP: 100% Points per level: 5/7 Maximum Points: 32767 Reset: From Site, /reset command in game Reset cost: 25,000,000 Zen Maximum level: 400 Reset level: 400 Points per Reset: Keep...
  7. term1nat0r

    [AD] Ice MU 97D+99I Server 9999XP

    Ice MU 97D+99I Web Site Ice MU Configuration: Experience: 9999x Item Drop Rate: 80% Version: 97D+99I Monsters HP: 100% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 45 Level Reset: 400 Points per Reset: 2000 Points per Level: 10/20 BK,SM,ELF/MG Reset Stats: Yes Reset Zen: 100,000,000 Clear PK Zen...