[Release] MuServer 1.0L


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Apr 8, 2008
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1.00L Server Files + Patch

Download Link: Click Here

Devil Square 1-6 Events
Blood Castle 1-7 Events
Chaos Castle Events
Castle Siege Events
Marry Commands
New Commands
All GM Commands
16 Complete Set Option [Ancients]

Organized Shop
Improve item.kor
Improve Items Drops
Improve Monter Hp,ID And Spawning
Oraganized Monster SetBase No Spot
Improve Mana Shield Setting For Balaced SiegeWar Porposes
Improve Box Of Kundun Drops 1-5
All Message & Items Names 99.99% in English
Balanced .ini Setting
Fixed Database
GS Support DS 1-6
Have Guide How Make Complete 16 Set Item [Ancients]
Castle Siege Owner Only Can Enter In Land Of Trials
Full Translate Warp Command

Kalima - All Highest Weapons And Set With High Hp Monster
Heart Of Love & Fire Crackers - (35% Chaos) (25% Soul) (20% Bless) (20% JOL)
Gold And Silver Medals - +7 to +11 Ordinary Set
Land Of Trial - Some Excellent Items And Jewels
Icarus - Excellent Lowest Items
Blood Castle - Excellent Lowest Items And Jewels
Devil Square - Excellent Rings Some Jewels
Chaos Castle - 5 Box Of Kundun

- Player Commands -

/post + Message - Post A Message To All Players
/ads + Message - Post A Message To All Players
/help - View All Commands
/time - Display Server Time And Date
/summoned - Summoned Monster
/addstr + No. Sspare Points - Add Strenght 1-100 Add Over 100 Points Switch character
/addagi + No. Spare Points - Add Agility 1-100 Add Over 100 Points Switch character
/addvit + No. Spare Points - Add Vitality 1-100 Add Over 100 Points Switch character
/addenr + No. Spare Points - Add Energy 1-100 Add Over 100 Points Switch character
/vault + Vault No. - Open Extended Vault 0-1 Main Vault 0 Extended Vault 1
/gokalima - Automatically warp to KALIMA Map

- Marry Commands -

/marry - Use To Marry People In Davias Church Coordinates 209 14 - 210 14
/accept - Accepts The Marriage
/divorce - Divorce You Wife Or Husband
/tracemarry - Trace Your Husband Or Wife

- Castle Siege Commands -

/siegeinfo - Siege Infomation
/attackcs - Register As Invader In Castle Siege
/defendcs - Register As Defender In Castle Siege
/giveupatt - Surrender As Invading
/giveupdef - Surrender As Defending
/kickatt +Guild name - Kick Assist Invader
/kickdef +Guild name - Kick Assist Defender
/gocs - Quick Warp In Castle Siege Only For Defending

No New Sets w/bugs
No Aida,Crywolf
No Store,Friend,Combo
No Intentional Bugs
No Virus Like Shanda
No Gs Crash
No Arena Map "For Kids Only"

Remaining Bugs:
Darkhorse Sometimes Disconnect
And Others Not Support In This Version
nice, but sure no crash GS?

DarkMaster you have MuServer?
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I think all 1.0l have BUG conect server or game server 4 hour up server and you cant conect i have test 2 mu server files 1.0L texasMu files and Imperial Mu files :bad:
The Link for Download files is Dead! please give other link to download! :bad:
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The Link is Perfect , but if you cant download try "Save Target AS"
Не са лоше тези файлове но това че като си в лоренция града можеш да използваш магии е малко гадно!! :angel_not:
това в лоренциа града е пач и ако искаш си го слагаш ако искаш не ... можеш да го махнеш
Знам го това но като го махна не гръгва сървара :1:
хаха да използваш скил в града не зависи от сървър файловете а от клиента :p
Е как ще е то клиента как влизам с един и същ клиент в различни игри и само тази с тези сървар файлове е така :angel_not:
от клиента е бе слушаи като ти говоря ;)
If you think it have a bug you are crazy My fr had a server in this version no bug 24/7 no stop server :)
I want verry much that files 1.0L But i cant download it please upload to other host!
Имам проблем със GameServer.exe - Login Server Connect Failed.
i Want verry much that files please anybody upload to other host PLEASE!!!!!!