[Req] Lower EXP for an account after X hours of playing


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Aug 4, 2019
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Hey, I want to create a server for ppl that can spend max 1 hour daily on playing MU because they go to work etc. but don't want others to get ahead of them.
I'm looking for a way to keep the server running 24/7 but lowering the EXP after the first hour during a day, so that it makes sense to play at least 1 hour daily and then do some trading/hunting if you have more time.

Is there a way to do it right now? If not, please advise where I could start digging (config files, or in code).
Better still is to make it progressively lower (and have a daily limit for resets). For example from limit of 5 daily resets, the first would be easy, second a bit harder and will completely stop giving you exp after the 5th's max level

This way people can still spend time playing if they have a day off or something, but it will be harder for em to reset (thus harder to get ahead of the ones that don't play as much)