1. LasTCursE

    [Release] Mu Tools

    Привет, Търсейки си едитор за spawn-ове попаднах на един toolkit от IGC, които разполага с доста функционалности и реших да го споделя и тук. (не съм тествал дали работи, но не ми е давало и грешки при отваряне с win11)
  2. L

    [AD] LS-RCR | Los Santos Roleplay Cops and Robbers -

    HostName: LS-RCR | Los Santos Roleplay Cops and Robbers Website: Address: Mode: Cops and Robbers Discord:
  3. J

    [AD] ReunitedMu S6Ep18 Hard . OPENED LOW x100 - GAME INFO! • Version: Season 6 Episode 18 (Customs) • Experience: x100 (Dynamic system) ----- from 10 to 20 Reset: x100 ----- from 30 to 40 Reset: x90 ----- from 50 to 60 Reset: x80 ----- from 70 to 80 Reset: x70 ----- from 90 to 100 Reset: x60 ----- from 110...
  4. PorKyBK

    [AD] Mu50x 97d+99i OldSchool

    Info Basic Grand Open : 25/02/2023 PM Romania: [20:00] WebSite: > Experience:50x > Drop: 25% > Version: 97D+99I > Created Character : [BK/SM/ELF/ : 1 [MG : 220] > All Maps have Spots max 6 mobs > ONLINE: 24/7 Vote System: ONLINE WebShop System: ONLINE Donate System: ONLINE...
  5. G

    [AD] GreatMuOnline [START 13.01.2023] [ S6E3] [ NO WEBSHOP]

    We are very happy to announce the next edition of GreatMuOnline! This is our fifteenth edition, thank you all for being with us and helping us create a beautiful story of GreatMu. Due to many suggestions we would like to explain to you the direction of GreatMu. Many of you certainly know the...
  6. valvers

    [AD] D-Serv Mu Network 1.0M Season 1

    › Server Version: 1.0M (Season 1) › Server Experience: 1500x › Drop rate: 10% › Bless bug: OFF › Reset level: 350 › Max level: 400 › Max resets: 150 › Grand Resets: At 100 Resets ( 1 Grand Reset = Bonus 500 Credits for Webshop) Website Options: › Game Panel -...
  7. B

    [Req] DarksTeam MuServer 97d+99i source code

    2022 year, fckn c0vid (coronary artery disease), fckn WAR.. I know it's much time you spent and it's hard work to give away source codes but who knows how much days we have left?! There is soo many people looking for 0.97d+99i source code still in 2022 and i think DarkMaster have it.. Please...
  8. E

    [AD] SevMu Easy 1.0M

    Official Start - 12.11.2023 / 19:00 Website: Forum: Name - SevMu Version - 1.0M Drop Rate - 80% Experience - 9999x Reset Level - 400 Max Level - 400 Max Resets - 10 Sky Event - Every 2 hours Quest System - 93 Quests Check full information - HERE
  9. GameDC

    [Sell] VDS Server

    Hello everybody, As GameDC Hosting Services company, we have been actively serving for 3 years with nearly 10 years of experience. We are new to the forum, we are here to help you. It's time to throw away any bad hosting company experiences you've had in the past. As GameDC, we are here with...
  10. L

    [AD] LegendaryMU Online GRAND OPENING Server Name: LegendaryMU Server Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Experience: 200x Item Drop: 30% Monster HP: 100% Bless Bug: OFF Points Per Level: 5/6/7 Max Stats: 32767 Maximum Level: 400 Reset Level: 400 Max Resets: 100 Custom Boss Custom Events Hosting Location: Germany...
  11. C

    [AD] SERVER.CSOMOD.COM [ Steam + Non-Steam ]

    Adresa: SERVER.CSOMOD.COM Port: 27015 Jucatori: 32 Tip: Non.Stop Mod: Zombie Plague + CSO mod Anticheat: Protejat Tara: RO Descriere mod: - Sistem de Level - Clase Zombie - Sistem VIP - Sistem Bani - Sistem pentru Register si Login (include si Auto-Login) - Arme custom cu abilitati...
  12. P

    [AD] PandaMuOnline|S12|Exp:50|MaxRR:10|MaxGR:5|

    +PANDA MU ONLINE+ WEBSITE: Facebook: Discord: "At first a difficult server" +Version: Season 12 +Exp: x50 +Master Exp: x30 +Drop: 40% +Max Normal Level: 400 +Max Master Level: 420...
  13. P

    [AD] MuPirata [ Exp: 2500x | Drop: 40% ]

    Version: 99c+CS Experiencia: 2500x Item drop: 40% Reset lvl: 400 (/reset) Borrar Stat/Inventario: NO Razas Equilibradas Maquina del Chaos: 70% hasta 90% (+10 a +13) Puntos Por Lvl: 5/7 Puntos máximos: 32767 Bles Bug: Off Anticheat Premium. Maquina del Chaos [PUB]: Item +10 - 100% de exito...
  14. B

    [Req] Lower EXP for an account after X hours of playing

    Hey, I want to create a server for ppl that can spend max 1 hour daily on playing MU because they go to work etc. but don't want others to get ahead of them. I'm looking for a way to keep the server running 24/7 but lowering the EXP after the first hour during a day, so that it makes sense to...
  15. K


    ORION Season 6 Episode 3 PREMIUM The Server has PVP Balance (All Classes) Dear Mu-Online player, we are happy to inform you that a new International Mu-Online private server called ORION opens soon. Continent awaits you to be conquered! Below I will provide more information about the server to...
  16. S

    [AD] Smoke MU 97d+99i 5555xp Drop: 60% BG

    Server name: Smoke MU Version: 97d+99i Server is hosted from: Bulgaria Experience: 5555xp Item Drops: 60% Monster HP: 100% Points per level: 5/7 Maximum Points: 32767 Reset: From Site, /reset command in game Reset cost: 25,000,000 Zen Maximum level: 400 Reset level: 400 Points per Reset: Keep...
  17. term1nat0r

    [AD] Ice MU 97D+99I Server 9999XP

    Ice MU 97D+99I Web Site Ice MU Configuration: Experience: 9999x Item Drop Rate: 80% Version: 97D+99I Monsters HP: 100% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 45 Level Reset: 400 Points per Reset: 2000 Points per Level: 10/20 BK,SM,ELF/MG Reset Stats: Yes Reset Zen: 100,000,000 Clear PK Zen...