[Help] i need one good forum


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Apr 23, 2008
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hi all i need one help i closed all my servers :bye2: and i well open forum for rpg games
whos can help me add one forum files please
what programs i need to up this forum? can tel me !!!:blush-anim-cl:
Just download PhpBB2 Foum (search for it in google) or use vBulletin like our forum ;)
Yes but phpbb2 what is the code or it is not free to
phpbb2,3 is a free forum u dont need a license for them...
DarkMaster can u make one guide for instling phpbb3 Lok what problem gives me
Could not connect to the database, see error message below.
Can't connect to MySQL server on  (10061)
Did u start the MySQL Server?
If so and that error exists, then did u made the DB for the PhpBB2?
If u made that too and your error pops again, then it's becous, may be your firewall is blocking the connection attempt!
I dont did the PhpBB2 DB CAn u Help me my skype is blind2125 plss help me I see u know much tings :)
Im sorry, but i g2g to school right now, so the installation is actualy very easy! PhpBB3 can use the PhpBB2 DB, so u need MySQL 2000 or above, restore the DB (like u are making your MuServer), and then just put the site files in a different folder in ypur "C:\xampp\htdocs\" (if u use Xampp) or "C:\Apache\www\", make a no-ip domain to that folder and voala ;)
.::More Info Here::.
But what files i must resore when I make MuServer the files are in the db baks,db ....Where are the files ???
I've never used PhpBB Forums so read the Quick Install Guide in the link from my last post ;)
My bad... PhpBB doesn't need restoring a DB, just point yourself to the install/index.php
and follow the instructions ;)