[Help] Need help with configuration


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Jun 16, 2023
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Hey everybody!
I managed to install an SQL 2008 server, with a db etc.
I downloaded server and client files called 97d99itut. I start the server, but when i try to connect I get the "you got disconnected" message on the client.
Trying different clients, but the outcome is the same.

Is there anybody that can help me out with the configuration please?


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Do you have router?
Pay attention when the last exe "GameServer" opens if u get any error.
Check CS if you have any error.
What ip are you using since i had a problem with router and managed to fix it.
I have managed to fix it. Now the matter is to create a website where ppl can register.
I am also getting randomly disconnected and I do not know where to look for logs to understand why.