[Help] I need know what is best server files now.


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Apr 23, 2008
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Hi all throzen is back and i need one , small help . whos can help me , answer me , i need the best server files s2 or s3 :):59:
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Server: SpawN-Mu HarD
Server is From: Bulgaria
Version: Season I(97d+99i)
Experience: 150x
Drops: 80%

Bless Bug: OFF
Reset Lvl: 350
Reset Zen: 10 mil
Reset Points: 500
Points Per Level: 7/10

Maximum Stats: 32767
Maximum Level: 1000
Max Resets: 120
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: No
Clear Stats: No
мн е як сарвара заповядаите и вие... (party)
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