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Jun 9, 2008
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Ok i fix all problems in my server ... (look previous post)
Now its time for site ..jeje...
i follow the guide but when i try go to your-addres.com or something i dont get the site in photo..just like there is not site...
Thanks again for help before

Pitu xD
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If I had to guess, I'd say its the Admin panel. It does say Good afternoon Admin...
Late i fix it huh...almost fix galemu.no-ip.org
This is the News Manager (CuteNews i don't know what version and it doesn't matter :p), from there u can control the news / comments in your site (i think it's MuWeb 0.3 or earlyer, don't use them, they are very easy to hack!)!
I suggest you search the forum newer web sites, take the files and use the guides that DarksTeam has written to set up the site, and be happy with a fully working, with no bugs server and site ^^