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Apr 8, 2008
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FrogMu Website Package 2.0

  • Security upgrade: all input fields are now protected against SQL injection
  • Security upgrade: sensitive data is now stored in secure .htpasswd files
  • Security upgrade: guide on total server security included
  • Options upgrade: top player list has new looks and more functionality!
  • Options upgrade: added a username change and password retrieval option!
  • Visual upgrade: no more strange blue but more MuGlobal like red!
  • Visual upgrade: standardized option and input fields
  • Usability upgrade: more functions quickly editable through the config files
  • Usability upgrade: less files to edit, more settings combined!
  • Usability upgrade: ready-to-use launcher page with the same news as your frontpage
  • Speed upgrade: trimmed code makes it even faster than before!
Download Link: Click Here


============ FragFrog's MU WebCenter ================
Welcome to FrogMu's WebCenter, originally based on
IO*'s files and editted and modified by FragFrog
============ FragFrog's Mu WebCenter ================

----------------- Installation Notes ----------------

1. Configuration file: config.htpasswd
This part should speak pretty much for itself. Enter
the username used by your SQL server and the password
you've entered for it. Default username is 'sa', but
I strongly suggest you create a new weblogin for the
SQL server. IP adres is the IP adres of the SQL
server, default is
Website options should pretty much be obvious.

2. The resets counter
Open the SQL manager. Go to your MuOnline database,
select tables, rightmousebutton and click
'New Table...' Add the following columns:

"Name", data type "nvarchar"
"Armor", data type "int"
"Weapon", data type "int"
"Wing", data type "int"
"Ring", data type "int"
"Pendant", data type "int"
"Shield", data type "int"
"Resets", data type "int"

Then click the 'Table and Index properties'
button, topleft next to the 'save' button.
Enter "Resets" as a table name.

3. Small individual settings:
3.1: modify links.php with correct download links
for your patch and IP adres
3.2: update data.php with the correct info for
your server
3.3: edit the welcome.php file to match your servers
latest news and updates.
3.4: in your news.php file find the line that
Now change both's into your servers IP adres.

4. Updatetracker and other feautures:
4.1: If you use a launcher you can set its news
page to display http://your_site_here/update_tracker.php
It will show the latest news as you've set
it in your welcome.php file on the launcher!
4.2: You can either reward a certain amount of
points on reset, give them an excelent
item with increasing options or just
let them keep their current stats. See the
config.htpasswd file for more info!
4.3: You can change the color used as
background by opening the
style.css file and change the #color in
'background-color: #641211;'. You can use
either RGB colors (#FF0000 is red), or
input basic colornames (#blue).

------------------- Security info -------------------

I've installed some pretty strong SQL injection check
scripts that will make your website quite secure, yet
limit user functionality. For maximum security you
should open the php.ini file in your c:\windows\
directory and change 'register_globlas = on' to
'register_globals= off', then restart apache.

-------------------- Features -----------------------

1. Optional reset reward system

The webbased reset reward system allows for users
to manually reset themself and get an increasingly
good item in return. Currently only the armor and
wing reset advance in options, meaning someone with
2 resets can get a wing with 2 options, someone
with 3 resets gets wing with 3 options, etc. Also
the total reset number is stored for top player
You can also choose to give your users a default
number of points each reset, or plainly let them
keep their old stat points.

2. Functional ban system

The ban function allows for anyone with a GM
character to easily ban users. All they have to do
is enter their username, their GM character,
password and ofcourse the characters name who must
be banned and make it so...

3. PK clear function

PK clear is getting rather expensive now, since it
will cost users more and more for each PK clear.
Eventually this value can rise to over 100M zen!

4. Save stat points adder

Thats correct, a good 100% guarranteed save stats
point add script, completely written and debugged
by me - have been running this baby for over 4
months on my server and NEVER had anyone abuse it!

5. Active server status

keep your users informed of who's online, what are
the newest characters created, what are the highest
scoring guilds and even some direct info on the
server hardware - all only 1 click away from the
main page! Even includes an active serverstatus

6. phpBB forum included

all you have to do is follow their instructions
(wich basicly say: create a database in your
SQL server named 'Forum' and run the installer)
and you too have a fully functional phpBB forum!

7. basic usefull info

included are a whole lot of event pages, server
data pages and rules that are pretty common for
any private server, even including client download
location and a basic installation guide - all can
be edited simply to match your own serverdata!

--------------------- Credits -----------------------

Creator: FragFrog
Artwork: FragFrog
SQL protector: john_d & others

Can you please make a screen shot and upload it here so we can see how it looks :sun(think)
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10/10 that was my favorite webpage when i play mu-bg back in 2002/2003 and before i start study php and still this page is the best its not so easy to hack,have basics option for one muonline page again good release :yes:
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хаха този сайт ми е любимия още като почнах да се занимавам с му бях с него макарче че тогава не беше хич защитен.... а и да знаете така по необразованите трудно ще го настройте особено когато требва да адвате едни таблици в SqlServer :)
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ДОбър Release 8/10 сайта си е класика !
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