[Guide] Equipment Configuration (Server+Client)


Jul 15, 2008
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[Guide by Milamber]

.[Darkthrone] - He discovered this years ago.Remember his name.You wouldn't be reading this guide if it wasn't for him.
.[Milamber] - Testing it out and writing guide.

Its simple to make so don't worry.Best of all is this guide will fully expalin how to make it work.
This is simply enabling different character classes equip items that they couldn't before,or the other way round,preventing them from equipping what they are supposed to.

Answered Questions:
1.Can this be done on all versions?
When I say all I mean yes,ALL.It can be done on any files,which is something good I guess.
2.Can this be applied to other things?
You name it - pets,arrows,potions,skills,orbs,spell books and all.
3.Skills no work for me
Simple - Edit the Skills folder (server and client side).
4.And how do I do that?
Well lets have a look ;)

Lets first take an example.We want to enable Dark Knights to equip a shortbow like this:

Server side - this is where you technically configure who equips what.
Client side - this is the message of items which says 'Cannot be equipped by MG' for example,or even 'Can be equipped by Blade Knight'.

I.Server Side
Now...this is always very simple.First look in:
- MuServer/Data/Item.txt
It also can be called Item(Kor),or Item(Chs),or whatever,it doesn't change much.

If there is no file there look in:
- MuServer/Data/Lang/Kor or Chs or whatever/Item.txt

Open that file (its a text,so open with Notepad).
The code strings are always in the same order even if they don't have an index.
Here is the little thing to help you =D

[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]//Item  Slot    SkillType    x    y     serial  option  drop    Name                   level   DamMin  DamMax    Speed    Dur  MagicDur  MagicPW  NLvl    Str    Dex    Eng    Lea    Cha  Atribute  [B]DW    DK    ELF    MG    DL[/B]

[Important] So the last 5 numbers are the classes.Where is SM and BK?Don't worry,lets have a look ;P

So now we want the DK to equip a ShortBow.
So find the Shortbow string in the Item.txt :

0    1    24        2    3    1    1    1    "Short Bow"        2    3    5    30    20    0    0    0    20    80    0    0    0    2    [B]0    0    1    0    0[/B]

So here lets have a look at what the last 5 numbers mean:
0= Cannot equip
1= Can equip.If its the DK string for example and you put 1,it means that the dark knight and the blade knight can equip.
2= If you put 2 on the DK slot it means the BK,second level of dark knight,can equip,which means that the Dark Knight cannot equip it,he needs to be a second level class character,a Blade Knight.

So now look at the code again above.We said we wanted the Dark Knight to be able to equip it.So it will look something like this:
0    1    24        2    3    1    1    1    "Short Bow"        2    3    5    30    20    0    0    0    20    80    0    0    0    2    [B]0    [U]1 [/U]   1    0    0[/B]

See? Wasn't so hard eh?
Now we got to fix it client side.
And don't you worry - its just as easy.

II.Client Side

So first you will need this (ExtreMu Editor) :
Download Here

Open it and select BMD.Then select Item.
A window will open,ignore whatever it says,its just trying to distract you ;)
Select Continue,then select 'Open Alternate',and look for:
- Client/Data/Local/Item.bmd

You will see on top of the numbers,by scrolling on the right,the slots of the DQ,DK,FE,MG and DL.

Image 1
Image 2
(Ahah very funny...msn windows and Sql Server on... -.- so what? lol)

Now simply do like you did for Item.txt,1 put 1 in the shortbow string,at the DK slot (replacing the 0 with 1).

There,you can now equip a shortwbow =D
Don't forget to enable him to equip the arrows xD
Yes,you can do the same kind of stuff for armor,which are seperated in 5 (helmet,boots,pants,gloves and armor).

The first time you do it,don't worry about getting it wrong,its easy.Once you get used to it,you will be left doubtless,like me ;)

Enjoy and no problem for the guide =) was my pleasure.

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Goog guide, but i already wrote it... No problem!
10/10 ;)
дай наготово некфи файлс дето всички герой могат да носят всякакви айтъми :think:
FreestyleR, Milamber isn't bulgarian ^^
Translate: Give us redy to use files with 'wear all items'
FreestyleR, Milamber isn't bulgarian ^^
Translate: Give us redy to use files with 'wear all items'

That depends on the server version I am afraid.A Season2 item text applied on a season 1 or season3 files will make Gameserver read errors (missing item stats).

Equip all sucks anyways,there is no point to the game after.
You can do it yourselves anyways :chuckle: just put 1 everywhere for the last 5 string numbers.
ДК-то с лъка ми прелича на гей ::^:
добре де лъка става за дк-то , но скила с 3-те стрели бачка ли при него ?