[AD] DifferentMu S2/S3 Downgrade Licensed Files


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Jan 31, 2022
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WebSite: www.differentmu.com

No Payment services ever. No webshop, no VIP. Only play to win!

I wanted to create the server for hobby and to chill with something. So I plan to invest money and time in it.
Real money reward events will come in the future.

ServerName: DifferentMu
Server Files: Licensed with people to support 24/7. Bug fixing and new features implemented.
Server Version: S2/S3 DG ( The plan is with the time to increase the modules to S6)
Experience: 70x Progressive with resets means that: higher reset - less exp.
Item Drop: 30%
Bless Bug: Off
No Elf Buffer!
Points Per Level: 5-7
Max Level: 400
Reset Level: 400
Points per Reset: 300
Max Stats: 65000
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Stats: Yes
Clear Skills: No
Guild Create Min Level: 400
Guild Join Min Level: 200

Reset only from the WebSite. Clear PK from the WebSite.
For suggestions and bugs please use the ticket form or here.
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Added Box of Kundum to have 100% drop chance of items. Jewel of Chaos to start dropping 10% from mobs higher than 50 levels. Points per reset 300.
Updates & Release :
Article: http://differentmu.com/news/4/
1. New Summoner added
2.Aida 1 & 2 added
3. Elveland 1,2,3 added
4. Event timer in the client.
5. Ranking in the client
6. Reset skills in the website User CP
7. Reduced Jewel of Creation drop

And much more you can find on the website.