season 2

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    [AD] Capital MU Season8 [x1000] [Drop 60%]

    CapitalMU - BEST CONFIG FOR EASY SERVER More information available at Server Links Start date: Official start date: 25.11.2022 18:00 (GMT + 2:00) Server Rates * Version: Season 8 * Experience: 1000x * Item Drop: 60% * Max Resets: 1000 * Reset Level...
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    [AD] DifferentMu S2/S3 Downgrade Licensed Files

    WebSite: No Payment services ever. No webshop, no VIP. Only play to win! I wanted to create the server for hobby and to chill with something. So I plan to invest money and time in it. Real money reward events will come in the future. ServerName: DifferentMu Server Files...