[Help] DarksTeam MuServer 97d+99i Beta 43.3 problem


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Jan 10, 2018
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I encountered an error when opening the online server. There are players who cannot see the sub to log in. The server reports the error as above
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Me also have this problem
a lot of dudes in this forum talks a lot
but let someone if can helps ?
are you using the latest version of GS/CS from https://darksteam.net/threads/darksteam-muserver-97d-99i-beta-43-3.6440/? If so - report this issue to DarkMaster and probably he will fix it. Did you configured the ServerList.dat file correctly? Try with different ConnectServer?
BTW me just want to say, that, the error happens NOT ONLY on CS but can happens on GS too!
i heard that that's the semi opened or half-opened connection,/opened tcp connection who WAITS for response/ that was not exits on XP SP2+ or Win SVR 2003 sp1+ ...