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Feb 9, 2015
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Server Information
We are a 'Blizzlike' server, that means we will try hard to emulate as close as we can the experience of playing in a Blizzard server. We are not a fun server, but we have added a few customizations that we think will make the game more active such as the 'Bounty Hunter', 'Lottery', 'Transmog' to name just a few examples. All this without breaking the WotLK mechanics that we love.

Ingame bugs minimized to 0,001%!
XP rates x1 (default) or x2 (can change in game!)
Money rates x1
Item rates x1
Profession rates x1
New Recruit a friend (You can play with your friend with bonus double exp when you are in party.)
Character Services
Fully working ICC, Wintergrasp and Arenas
Warden anticheat


Free mount at level 10
Playtime rewards: Heirlooms, Mounts, etc.
VIP commands (including custom XP)
Free-4-All PvP Zones
Cross-faction chat and trade
Double XP weekends
Custom Events

Client side:
New blizzlike Launcher for featured updates and more!

Implemented Features:

[More accurate collision data!] Vmaps (Vector Maps) - Accurate collision data.
[More accurate collision data!] Mmaps (Movement Maps) - Accurate line of sight checks and movement paths for creatures.
[Advanced Anticheat system!] Anticheat - Brand new custom-built anticheat system.
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