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Feb 5, 2022
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Sapphiron-WoW - Grand opening 07.02.2022

We are a new uprising team which gives their best to satisfy the people.
On us you will have the possibility of 2 different realms! =)

We got our modded realm which is called Dragonblight and we also got our plain unmodded pure blizzlikeness realm Kel'Thuzad.

On both there is happening on a weekly period an update of the core files.
We are looking also to provide fast fixes/tempfixes to improve the gameplay!
At us you won't find any pay2win... it just is play2win! =)

Infos about the Realms:

Kel'thuzad - blizzlike realm:
3x experience rate
1x profession rate
2x reputation rate
2x gold rate

Dragonblight - modded realm:
1-5x experience rate
2x profession rate
3x reputation gain
4x low level reputation gain
3x gold rate
2x droprate
Individual XP
Congrats on specific levelups
Firework on specific levelups
X-Faction worldchat
X-Faction grouping/trading
Autobalance for dungeons + SoloLFG (This features provides the possability to go solo into dungeons when not having a group... e.g. late at night)
1v1 Arena
Planned features:
All races all classes, m+/challenge mode, custom worldbosses, guild housing, items from cataclysm and above, better reward system for pvp, new bg map

Infos about the Hosting machine which is located in Germany:
AMD EPYC 7702p @ 4 cores
16gb DDR4
0,7Gbit/s downlink
1,5Gbit/s uplink
3Tbit/s Cloud DDoS filtering

For more infos visit our Discord server or write us an email.
If u want to connect to our server fast, just click here.