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Sep 30, 2019
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Hi all, I have a server 97d and try to install webshop but the items in the vault - that who are displayed in the vault dont work, buy item also dont work dont add me the item (for example give it a bug normally for the normal webshop when are used in 97d - giving a randow item with a randow option bug vault keeper. ... )its a bugged like i use a normal webshop(who work on the seasons but not on 97d and give the same bug - dont display and work items) but i use that one for 97d who must work! did someone know how to fix it ? me use very old GS ... 0.97.04 Normal translated by mygsfun :D me installd webshop for 97d with him own sql tables etc who gota work on 97d but on my servers give a bug whyy :( have a idea how to fix it ?
me talk about this webshop:
https://darksteam.net/threads/webshop-for-97d-99i-update-4.2658/ (only me changed the mssql cnnection file in folder /inc because it give me a error 500 :D but from there i think can'T come that bug .. me thing is from my database structrue sure ..?)
me use CzF 97d Mu Online SQL DataBases ...
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Can you give more details? You use VPS? Can you show your wsconf?
When you install webshop what error you recive in querry?
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the vps/host have nothing to do with it,
no errors in the query
all items display currect to buy but not found in vault after buy and no items shown in the home page of webshop - show bug someone else item like its there but its not ... its just the same like to install default webshop on 97d and the same bug ...
Yes,is a problem from your database structure.You must build your database manually if you want to have a webshop
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