[Release] [TrinityCore] DTDB rev.1


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Feb 10, 2009
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Supports TrinityCore only , version 3.3.5a +.

DarksTeam DataBase is a new generation database which has dedicated developer team and is constantly updated.

DTDB is enhanced version of the so popular TDB.

  1. 100% TDB Content

    ACID Included

    Hatakashi Script included

    DTDB scripts ( Added some blizzlike scripts and waypoints by me which TDB doesnt have)

    Custom Fixes ( Blizzlike fixes added and made by me which TDB doesnt have either)

    DO NOT IMPORT ANYTHING TO THE DB. Every new revision will have latest versions of the scripts listed above !

For every next revision I will post changelog.


Download all from bitbucket using Tortoise HG and there you will find instructions file which will explain everything. If you have questions post them here!

NOTE THAT DTDB AND TDB have the same structure. If you have EventAi or any other sql code which works to one of those 2 DBs than it will work to the other too. I mean all TDB fixes work on DTDB and all DTDB fixes work on TDB.

Благодаря на DarkMaster за това че отдели място във форума за проектите ми.
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