[AD] TitansMU - Season 4 - 60% - 5000x - 24/7 - 100 Mbps

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Oct 23, 2008
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TitansMu - Season IV

Server information:

- Season IV - Powered MU online server.
- Bug less
- Custom features (with much more to come..)
- Stability
- 24x7 monitored server.
- Server localized in Europe, Netherlands.
- Long term server

Server statistics:

Experience Rate: 5000x
Drop Rate: 60x
Points: 5/7
Bless Bug: OFF
Reset: 400lvl, Keep stats
Reset cost: 200kk
Invasions: 60 min (every hour)
Events: Devil Square, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and many many more to come!
Server Uptime: 24/7
Server Location: Europe, 100 Mbps (Netherlands - one of the fastest datacentres available in NL)


TitansMu website:
TitansMu Season IV Client and patches:
Download HERE - Client and patches
TitansMu Community network:
TitansMu Community

See you guys in the server!
ебати тъпия вапрос.....много ясно че от Google.bg и други сайтове но нали знаеш всичко се постига с пари.....
Яко, успех с сървъра!
Имам само 1 забележка и тя е относно XSS от User Panel-а, modul-ите както са /_inc/...username=USER&password=PASS... не е мн secure, но относно другите защити, браво! :}
Е Сезон 4 аз имам даже Сървър Онлайн какво се Очудваш ????

Даже днес цял ден с Мастер тестваме разни малки бъгчета !!!
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