[AD] TagMU |120Exp| S3Full Bugless| Drop 50%| 24/7!

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Aug 12, 2008
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TaGMu Introduction :
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to TagMU server that we, Tag clan
Mu Online, a little introduction:
What we have here is a server which is stored on a server farm that is only for the server,
the server has a professional security system which means that it's
absolutely impossible to use cheats, hacks or any sort of these things.
The server and the files attached to it cost a lot of money,
therefore, it's not a private server but global and at the highest level that a server can be.
To make the server the best it was required for
approximately seven people to work on it day in day out.
The server has a new version that you've never seen before in
any other server and mods that only we have.
The server includes a sub server:
Server 1 - PvP Server
Server 2 - Non PvP Server
3 Server- Castle Siege & Land Of Trial

Server Detailes:

Version: S3 Full Version
Experience : 150%
Drop Rate: 50%
Jewel's Rate: 55,80 %
Choas Machine: Normal

Sub Detailes:

BlessPrice = 9000000
SoulPrice = 6000000
ChaosPrice = 810000
LifePrice = 45000000
CreationPrice = 36000000
GuardianPrice = 60000000
BlessPotPrice = 900000
SoulPotPrice = 450000
ExcelentDrop = 2000
ManaShieldMax = 90
LifeFailRate = 0
SoulLuckRate = 70
SoulRate = 50
ChaosMix10 = 90
ChaosMix11 = 80
ChaosMix12 = 60
ChaosMix13 = 60
ChaosMixLuck = 20
ChaosMixMaxValue = 75

Server Links:
Website : Shared IP
(Temproary address )
ForumHEB : www.tagfo rum.fix art.co.il

ForumENG :Versus Technologies: Secure Access

(צמצם רווחים)

Game Dowloand:404 Not Found
Vote Us:

Hot Spots:
all maps have a lot Of normal's spots 8-10 Monsters
arena map has the most beautiful spots you've ever seen
all new maps got small spots
the maps spots are:

Blood Castle : On
Devil Square: On
Castle Siege: On
Valley Of Loren: On
Chaos Castle: On
Cry Wolf Event: On
Dragon Invasion: On
Golden Dragon Invasion: On
White Wizard Invasion: On
Ilussion Tample : On
Kanoru Event: On

Just In Our Server:
- Pk Clear Guard
- Mini Map
- Quest d3 Working
-Wings lvl 3 Working
- Jewel Of Harmony Options and mix Working
- /post Working
- /ware 0 1 2 3 4 Bank Working
- Spots for 300 ppl Working
- Land Of Trial prize Working
- Kondun Working
- Dara Devil Working
- Dara Kondun Working
-New Items + Skills working
- Sign Of Lord Working
-Hebrew Working
- Mini Map Working
- Chaos Castle Prize Working

Our Ventrilo
# To download : 404 Not Found
# Our server name : TaGMu
# Ventrilo version : 3.01
# Server IP :
# Very important!! - The server has NO PORT so don't write anything in the port section
# Free rooms are welcome
# Guild masters can open a guild channel with a password
# You don't have to come to the ventrilo only for MuOnline
# InoX is the ventrilo own

The server is ready for everyone to play in
enter and enjoy the world of Terminal Mu
Contact us:

Tag Clan
Good day, Tag Mu server admin, Ben
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