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May 3, 2008
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Download: thekingpin.net -&nbspRessources et information concernant Resources and Information.

Download Updates and Extras Here

Extract the superhero zip package anyplace on your computer, just so you know where you put it. Make sure you are extracting with the folder structure, this is on by default in most unzipping software. If after it is extracted all the files are in one folder then it did NOT extract with the folders.

The default settings for SuperHero allow a maximum of 20 levels and 100 heroes. In the past there was no way to have more than 20 levels, now there is. If you need to change these settings the plugin must be recompiled to support it. Please see the compiling documentation. See the Extras section for info on the sample ini for 20 levels.

New Installation

First thing that must be done is installing AMXModX and MetaMod ( follow: Installing Metamod + AMX mod X )
AMXModX Base - CStrike | AMXModX Documentation

Please read the AMXX documentation and have a working installation of AMXX before attempting to install superhero. You need to install the CStrike package for AMXModX on top of the base package.

Once AMXX is fully working upload / copy everything you extracted earlier into your addons/amxmodx folder, except you do not need to copy the contrib folder. Make sure that the folder "shero" is created inside the configs folder or the plugin will error out and not work correctly.

Edit the plugins.ini inside the configs folder. You need to add some things to the bottom to load superhero which are shown in the block below. Don't think you are done after this step, keep reading to see how to enabled extra modules in AMXModX that superhero requires.

// ---------------------- START SUPERHERO PLUGINS -------------------------------
//To save XP to the nVault file (default)
//To save XP to the VAULT file  (uncomment this and comment out the other plugin) 

//To save XP to a mysql database (uncomment this and comment out the other plugin) 
//Add these lines to enable all the stock heroes 
// ---------------------- END SUPERHERO PLUGINS ------------------------------
Extra Modules / Plugins

* The "contribs" folder is a separate download

Example superhero.ini for 20 levels - Located in the contribs folder. Just place this file in your amxmodx/configs/shero folder overwriting the existing one and you should have 20 levels available on the server when it next changes maps.

Monster - The skeletor hero needs this module to spawn monsters on campers. Look in the contrib folder and find the monster zip file. Extract this into your mod folder (cstrike) and it will put all the files in their places. It should make a folder in addons called "monster". Edit the metamod plugins.ini and add the following lines to the end of it. This will load the correct plugin for linux or widows systems.
;Monster Mod
win32 addons/monster/dlls/monster_mm.dll
linux addons/monster/dlls/monster_mm_i386.so
Engine and CStrike Modules - for superhero these modules must be enabled. Edit the modules.ini in the configs folder and uncomment the lines to load the Engine and CStrike modules. You must restart the server for the modules to load. It should look something like this when enabled.
; ----------------------------------------------------
; Engine - provides engine functions core to Half-Life
; ----------------------------------------------------
; ----------------------------------------------------------
; Counter-Strike - adds functions specific to Counter-Strike
; ----------------------------------------------------------

MySQL Instructions

If you are using the mysql saving method you will want to import the shero_mysql_install.sql script (in contrib folder) into your database. You should edit it to reflect the correct database name and username for your setup. If you need to ask about how to do this then you should not be using mysql saving, stick to the vault.

Enable the "superheromodmysql.amx" and disable the vault saving plugin as shown in the example plugins.ini entries above in the New Install instructions.

Edit the modules.ini for AMXModX and enable the mysql module, it should look like this when enabled.
; -------------------------------------------
; Database Access - only enable one of these
; -------------------------------------------
The AMXX compile of the MySQL saving plugin uses the new DBI API for AMXModX, it should support any of the modules that AMXModX supports. Please remeber that it has only been tested on MySQL though.

Edit the shconfig.cfg to enable and set the mysql cvars so SuperHero knows how to connect to the database. If nothing is set for those cvars superhero will use the amx mysql settings that are used by the admin_mysql plugin.

Once you have all this done you will need to STOP your server and restart it for the mysql AMXX module to load correctly.

Upgrade Existing Installation

Upload / copy the contents of the plugins folder into your existing plugins folder, overwriting any existing files. If CVARS were added or changed you can look in the shconfig.cfg in this package and see the changes / additions.

Make sure its Working

There are a few commands to make sure everything is loaded correctly. They must be run in the server console or in rcon via HLSW (or similar software). These commands will NOT work the same with the in game console unless it is a listenserver because then the server console is actually the same as the in game console.

Meta list
Example Output:
Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src  load  unlod
 [ 1] AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm.dll    v1.00     ini  ANY   ANY
 [ 3] Monster          RUN   -    monster_mm.dll    v3.00.00  ini  Chlvl Chlvl
2 plugins, 2 running
amxx plugins
Example Output:
[ 20] SuperHero Mod      1.17.5   JTP10181/{HOJ}Ba  superheromodvau  running
 [ 21] SUPERHERO Anubis   1.17.5   AssKicR/JTP10181  sh_anubis.amxx   running
 [ 22] SUPERHERO Aquaman  1.17.5   AssKicR/Lazy/JTP  sh_aquaman.amxx  running
 [ 23] SUPERHERO Batman   1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_batman.amxx   running
 [ 24] SUPERHERO Bomberm  1.17.5   AssKicR           sh_bomberman.am  running
 [ 25] SUPERHERO Captain  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_captaina.amx  running
 [ 26] SUPERHERO Cyclops  1.17.5   AssKicR/Batman/J  sh_cyclops.amxx  running
 [ 27] SUPERHERO Daredev  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_daredevil.am  running
 [ 28] SUPERHERO Dazzler  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_dazzler.amxx  running
 [ 29] SUPERHERO Dracula  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_dracula.amxx  running
 [ 30] SUPERHERO Flash    1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_flash.amxx    running
 [ 31] SUPERHERO Hobgobl  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_hobgoblin.am  running
 [ 32] SUPERHERO Hulk     1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_hulk.amxx     running
 [ 33] SUPERHERO Human T  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_humantorch.a  running
 [ 34] SUPERHERO Ironman  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_ironman.amxx  running
 [ 35] SUPERHERO Kamikaz  1.17.5   AssKicR/JTP10181  sh_kamikaze.amx  running
 [ 36] SUPERHERO Magneto  1.17.5   AssKicR           sh_magneto.amxx  running
 [ 37] SUPERHERO Mystiqu  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_mystique.amx  running
 [ 38] SUPERHERO Nightcr  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_nightcrawler  running
 [ 39] SUPERHERO Punishe  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_punisher.amx  running
 [ 40] SUPERHERO Skeleto  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_skeletor.amx  running
 [ 41] SUPERHERO Spiderm  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_spiderman.am  running
 [ 42] SUPERHERO Superma  1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_superman.amx  running
 [ 43] SUPERHERO Wind Wa  1.17.5   AssKicR/JTP10181  sh_windwalker.a  running
 [ 44] SUPERHERO Wolveri  1.17.5   {HOJ}Batman/JTP1  sh_wolverine.am  running
 [ 45] SUPERHERO Xavier   1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman      sh_xavier.amxx   running
 [ 46] SUPERHERO Zeus     1.17.5   {HOJ} Batman/JTP  sh_zeus.amxx     running
If anything is in "BAD" or "bad load" status then something is wrong, look for errors when the server starts to try and solve the problem. A "bad load" will ALWAYS generate at least one error suring server startup. If the plugin you are trying to load does not show up anywhere in the list you did not add it to the plugins.ini. If you still need help post the EXACT ERROR MESSAGE in the Tech Support section of the forums.

If you cannot see the error in the console because it closes you need to enable server logging. See this FAQ entry to find out how. Also AMXModX will print any debug errors or bad load errors to its own log files automatically.

All credit goes to: AssKicR, JTP10181, Freecode, vittu from SuperHero Mod
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