[AD] Stigma Mu Season 3 Episode 2 Low Rates

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Oct 18, 2008
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Stigma Mu online Season 3 Episode 2 + season 4 low xp long term server and i mean it!:)

Online only for almost 1 month...it was a high xp before but we have decided to provide u with a sweet low xp server coz theres a lack of them its seriously not a 2 day or 2month server im aware that low xp servers have very little people and we will stay here to let our community grow BIG^^

Server Information:
-Experience rate:200x
-Drop rate:40%
-Maximum lvl:400
-Resets: on
-Reset points:300 each reset(2rr 600 and so on)
-Soul success rate:70% luck 90%
-Life success rate:70%
-Chaos machince success rate: 90, 85, 80, 75%
-Monster HP:100%
-Bless bug:Off
-Spots:global like, none in arena
-Points per level:5/5/5/7/7 = bk/sm/me/mg/dl after marlon quest 6 for first 3 classes
-Guild create lvl: 100
-/post command: works and costs1kk per post
-/add works : (/addstr, agi, vit, ene max adding point 500!
-2 vaults!
-24/7 =)
-and all events work

Server Links:

-Our webie!: http://stigma.muserver.info/
-Forum: http://stigma.powerguild.net/
Email: [email protected]
Skype: tomyssss ; firiux
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