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Aug 22, 2020
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Hello everyone ,

I offer programming services for all online mu seasons, whether it's premium files or not.

Custom Map Design : Order this package if you are interested to re-design a map in MuOnline and make it either look more detailed, different, less laggy, customize with custom models from other maps or completely new models for example from other games that can be used to your server. You also have the chance to ask for new map creation or remake such as new PVP Arena or Remake of whole Lorencia.
Mu Online Mastering : I will sit with you for 3 to 6 hours and teach you everything i know about MuOnline server creating, + how muonline servers work, how to start right or improve your server, the limits and pros and cons of making an MuOnline server and more.
Custom Package : We need to talk about what you want to bring new to your server. First you have to think carefully about what you want or if you really need something like that. But don't worry, I'll be by your side and advise you what's best for you.
Server Configuration : Usually for basic configs I will finish them in maximum 7 days. On the first day we will have to talk together about what you want in your server, together we have to make a list with what you want.
Server Instalation : Full Server and Client Installations of any MuOnline Server Files includes :
- Server Full setup + client preparation to connect.
- Basic client edits for example server name change
- Server files and Client tour (so you know what to do next)
Requirements: Windows Server 2008/2012 or higher version !!!

Game PVP Balance :

This will be a Personalised Server PVP Balancing Session.

Duration: up to 1 Week (depends on your availability and goals)

Requirements: MuOnline Installed server with PVP Balancing Configs in the server files such us (calccharacter for example)

Please note that some configurations may take more or less. It depends on what you want. If you decide and want to do something at any time we can discuss what you want to do what you want to bring new to your server and we will check together if it is beneficial or not for you.

You can write to me at any time if you have a problem or if you want me to give you a advise for your server for free.
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