[AD] RoyalMu 97d+99i


Jul 23, 2009
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THE SERVER WILL BE ONLINE AT 25oct. 17:00h (Bulgarian time)

RoyalMU Information
Server Name: RoyalMu
Server Version: 97d+99i
Server Location: Germany
Server UpTime: 24/7

Server Information

Experience: 300x
Drop rate: 65%
Max level: 350
Max resets: 40
Keep stats: No
Reset points BK: 400
Reset points SM: 450
Reset points ME: 420
Reset points MG: 450
Reset Zen: 20 mil * res
Clear PK Zen: 20 mil x Kills
Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7
Guild create level: 100
Max Guild Members: 30
Max item level: +11+16 add
Bless Bug: OFF
Server events: BC / DS / Sky Event/ Lucky Jewels / Sea Worm
Sky Event: Every 2 hours
Golden Invasions: Every hour
Sea Worm Event: Disabaled for the moment
Spawns: Lorencia, Noria, Davias, Atlans, Losttower(1-7), Tarkan, Stadium

Mana Shield Start Percent: 10%
Mana shield Agility per 1%: 300 Agility
Mana shield Energy per 1%: 600 Energy
Mana Shield Max Percent: 60%
Mana Shield Duration: 60 seconds

Swell Life Start Percent: 12%
Swell Life Vitality per 1%: 200 Vitality
Swell Life Energy per 1%: 140 Energy
Swell Life Duration: 60 seconds

Website http://royalmu.eu/
Forum http://board.royalmu.eu/

This server use paid anticheat system to prevent hackers.

Благодаря на DarksTeam за файловете, както и уеб сайта.

Важно :Търся Game Master-и, ако някой случайно има желание може да се свърже с мен на лс.