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Oct 31, 2010
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1. Introduction:
The dealer class is well known as money makers in the world of ROSE. Amount the dealer second classes, the artisan class is famous for their ability to craft awsome items out of materials. So you want to be an artisan? Read on.

2. Stat Discussion:
Strength (str):
-melee weapons and launchers damage
-weight capacity

Dexterity (dex):
-ranged weapons and guns damage

Intelligence (int):
-Magic Defense

Contentration (con):
-guns and launchers damage
-increases hitting
-increases crafting success (around 1%=10con)

Charm (cha):
-rewards of quests
-requirement of Royal Crown (30cha)

Sensibility (sen):
-quality of crafted item

So these are pretty much what these stats do for a dealer. But as a hardcore artisan you will use a gun and spilt your stat points among con and sen in different ratio depending on your build and perference. However if you really want to have good combat ability with a cost of lower crafting ability, you will divide your stat points into dex/con/sen or str/con/sen depends on you are using guns or launchers.

3. Skills:
Since you have limited skill points(sp) each time you level up and higher level skills will cost more skill points, you have to pick a few skill choices of your own. A common way is to pick a few crafting skills you like and spend the other points into combat skills so you can level up easier.

Combat skills:
Gunshot mastery:
This skill increase your attack when you use gun. Prequisite of Twin Shot and Power gunshot.

Twin shot and Power gunshot:
Active skills which you hit with a bigger hit with a single shot. The speed, however, is slower than regular attack and you cant increase the speed of the animation. Twinshot will upgrade into Triple shot at level 11 while Power gunshot is a prequisite of Sniping.

Combat mastery:
This Skill increase your attack speed each level. Prequisite of Zurly pink, Union weapon and Poison bang.

Union weapon:
This self buffing skill increase your attack speed by a large amount. When used with high critical rates it is good.

Zuly pink:
Active Magic Skill which gives good damage with a cost of zuly. Short cool down time.

Summon Mercenary Warriors:
Summon Mercenary Warriors (merc) to fight for you. Good tank, fair damage but very high sp cost which high requirement in the Econmic tree of skills. And the max level of merc an artisan can get is only level 9 due the the restriction of max level of econmic research to artisans and dealers.

So which combat skills is "teh best"? There is no best choice but it is dependant on Skill points you have for combat skills and fighting style of you. If you like skill spaming, get 2 active skills and spam them one after another. If you dont like to spam skills you may want Union weapon with active skills. If you dont like to use mp at all, get high union weapon. If you like summons get merc, however I dont recommand artisan going dealers getting merc as they requires way too many skill points which you can spend on other combat skills/crafting skill/passive skills but you can get them if you really like them VERY MUCH.

Crafting Skills:
So this is the main interest of most artisan players. There are different crafting skills for crafting different items.

Armor research:
Increase your defence as a passive skill and open up higher level armor crafting skills. Recommanded.

Weapon research:
Increase your con by 1 each level and open up higher level weapon crafting skills. Recommanded.

Craft Mastery:
Increase your max MP and different research and crafting skills require different level for this skill. Dont overlevel it unless you need it to open a new research, crafting skill since MP recovery items are so cheap to use.

Item Divide:
Seperate the items into material or, if the item is sloted with a gem, seperate the gem and the item. Base material will be downgraded into lowest quality of its type, like cloth of any type will become tough cloth. And gems can be downgraded(grade2+ gems) or vanish(grade 1 gems). You can get a higher success chance if you have higher con.

What skills I need to craft for that item?
This is what these crafting skills can craft:
Normal Armor Craft: face items, casual suits (all class armors), all class glove and helmet boots.
Magic Armor Craft: Dealer and Muse armors.
Combat Armor Craft: Solider and Hawker armors.
Gun Craft: guns and launchers.
Sword Craft: swords and dual weapons.
Blund Weapon Craft: blunt weapons, axes, spears and katars.
Bow Craft: Bows and bowguns.
Magic Weapon Craft: staves, wands and Muse "shields".
Subweapon Craft: shields, dolls, wings and bags

Gem Cutting, Cart Craft and Castle Gear Craft are self-explaintary.

Sp cost for different crafts are different. It is weapon and armor crafts cost roughtly the same amount of sp while gem, cart and castle gears requires appoximately twice the sp cost of them.

Economic Skills:
Economic Research:
Increase your cha by 2 each level and prequisite of all eco skills.

Pack Mastery:
Increase your weight capacity, prequisite of gathering. Its more a concern for launcher users. Not recommanded.

Enable you to have higher chance to get larger stacks of materials.

Summon Mercenary Warriors:
Covered in combat skills already.

Buy trick:
Enable you to buy things at a discount from npcs. Not recomanded.

This Tree of skills isnt too great for artisan. But some specially build artisans may interested in this tree before they can reach level 70. I will cover that later on build section.

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