[Release] RisingKing v4 - Light Elf Muweb Teamplate


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Apr 8, 2008
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This template was made for Atlantis Mu Online and was originally named RisingKing Soft Template... it has minor security fixes, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND putting in new fixes. The template does have logos and etc for Atlantis Mu Online, l8er i think i will release a new image with the atlantis mu online stuff removed ;). Elf image was from Mu Online Japan if anyone asks.

Download Link: Click Here

Scroll Down to download the editable header. I merged the main images in the psd, but the text is still editable. The background is also easily replaceable.


Credits: RisingKing, =Master= & Mu Japan's site for the render that inspired it

About the PSD, it is a smart object. Double click on the icon next to the second layer. Then change the text to what you want and save and close that image. Then the header psd will be updated automatically. Just save the file as "index_06.jpg" in the images folder of the site and then the header image on the site will be updated.


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1 question its easy to hack? why 1 hack my web and i have server and i can't open web :(:(
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не знам дали е лесен за хак но дизайна ми харесва много 10/10
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