[AD] Pandora MU || Season 3 Episode 1 || [Exp 500 | Drops 80%] ||

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Jul 6, 2008
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  • Obtainable Experience Rate: 500x
  • Items Drop Rate: 80%
  • Reset Level: 400
  • Reset Type: Keep Stats
  • Reset Payment: 100.000.000 Zen
  • Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 60% (+20% for items with luck)
  • Jewel of Life Success Rate: 70%
  • Chaos Machine Success Rate: 80%, 75%, 70%, 65% (+10% for items with luck)


Classic features

Server add-ons:
  • Global Chat (/post, /announce)
  • In-game stats adder (doesn't require character switching)
  • Stats Reset (it gives back all your added points as spare points)
  • Symbol of Pandora (can be exchanged for event points)
  • Event Shop (you can buy items with your event points)
  • Golden Archer (exchanges 10 renas for a exc. Divine Weapon)
  • Vote Rewards (with our vote system, we reward our players weekly)
  • Party Exp Bonus (+100x per party member, tho its still divided, but its a advantage!)
  • Golden Fenrir (awarded at GM events)
  • Life Swell fixed (max. 384.000 at full stats no matter if you are solo/in a party)
  • Infinity Arrow lasts 1 hour (learned at level 220)
  • Ice Arrow duration/damage improved (to help Muse Elves in PVP)
  • MG/SM have a considerably improved damage (~30% more than other servers)

Server events:
  • Blood Castle
  • Devil Square
  • Chaos Castle
  • Castle Siege
  • Castle Deep
  • CryWolf
  • Nightmare

New Features
We offer a complete, bugfree version of Season 3 Episode 1!
  • New Item Options (added with 380 mix, Jewel of Harmony)
  • New Class Quest (the original one)
  • New Wings (with fully working options and repairable)
  • Illusion Temple Event (fully working, only 1 skill doesn't work)
  • Halloween Event (custom event, similar with White Wizard)
  • 3 New Maps (Barracks, Refuge, Stormwind)


We currently provide only the full client, due to our auto-updater and the constant updates we make, but we will add a patch mirror soon!

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PandoraMU FTP - Click here!


We are here since 01 September 2007 doing our best to provide our players quality and fun!

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New characters receive 10.000.000 Zen automatically!
If you wish to be a part of our community do it now, we'll make it worth!


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