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Dec 19, 2016
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Hello OldSquaders & Guests,

OldSquad Community is proudly presenting you our brand new server - Project Phoenix - that will be launched on 22 March 2019 at 19:00!

We're here to innovate this game again, with another unique gameplay served by Phoenix - which we believe it will be our best project yet.

Based on your valuable feedback, we reworked up to 60% of what OldSquad can offer, and we believe that Phoenix will deliver everything that our other projects failed to, until now. Don't get it wrong, any OldSquad project delivered an outstanding quality, but still not perfect for everyone (casuals,hard-core players and afk'ers). As you may already knew, we're striving for perfection, not for anything lower than that, and we'll achieve it sooner or later.

OldSquadMU - Project Phoenix - Info


Why to choose US?
  • This is a REAL STABLE SERVER - In 1 year I don't know if there are more than 3-5 down-times apart from updates.
  • This is a REAL LONG TERM SERVER - Guaranteed a minimum of 8 months lifetime (doesn't matter player count) up to 12 months lifetime (depending on player count) - Proved on both Max30RR & first NonReset editions that lasted almost 1 year each.
  • This is a REAL PLAY2WIN SERVER - I didn't really saw until now any top server that doesn't sell items (WebShop) or have CashShop for 3x seals (like 400% exp), panda pets and other shits. And when I say PLAY2WIN, many top players can confirm if they spent more than first VIP donations to be on top - Credits are very easy to be farmed without donating anything but again, you must PLAY for that.
  • This is a REAL PROFESSIONAL SERVER - Minimum level of bugs, configured in a Smart & Professional way with a lot of unique features.
  • This is a REAL DEDICATED PROJECT- Yes, we aren't here for money, we are here to make a REAL COMMUNITY for this shitty game that eaten our childhood. We aren't opening and closing servers each month just for money, we aren't changing the name of servers just to "refresh" reputation. We are OldSquad. We are here to stay.
  • This is one of the very few servers where the Administrator (in this case, me) is actually supporting any player with any request in the fastest time possible (starting from instant to maximum 1 day - there are some exceptions when I am very busy or I am not home at all but meh).
  • This is one of the very few servers where the Administrator (in this case, me) is actually listening to players suggestions/opinions and is fighting hard to touch anything (good) that players are coming with.
  • This is the ONLY SERVER where you find an UNIQUE GAMEPLAY - apart from all the normal boring gameplays - that is constantly improving and adjusting to players needs.
  • This is one of the very few servers that DOESN'T HAVE FAKE ONLINE players: If you check many top servers, they don't even show online players on rankings tab, neither entire top 100 players. This is because they are using artificially online count that is boosted into the website, and they don't show online players so people can't check if it's real or not. Almost all top servers are doing that just to attract players.
  • Furthermore, this is one of the few servers that have a limit of ACC per IP+HWID (3).
Basic Info
  • Season 6 Episode OldSquad.
  • Dynamic Exp [10-35x] - starts with very low exp and goes to higher exp as game progress.
  • Newbies boosts including exp boosts.
  • Master EXP: Dynamic 1-4x.
  • 35% Drop.
  • Gameplay: Non-Reset with 10 optional Resets.
  • Party Exp System (Solo = 100%, 2 Players = 96%, 3 Players = 92%, 4 Players = 104%, 5 Players = 110%, Perfect Party = +4% exp).
  • All events working with nice rewards.
  • No alliances.
  • Max 25 players in a guild for normal classes and max 30 players in guild for DL-GM.
  • Elf Soldier buff until level 250.
  • Maximum of 3 accounts on same IP/HWID.
  • Shops for a low exp server.
  • Maximum of 9 HP (Large) pots stack and 30 Mana (Large) pots stack (for PvP and PvM experience).
  • Create Guild at level 150.
  • Create DL, MG, RF at level 200 (or Level 1 with VIP).
  • Reconnect system fully working.
  • No Web-Shop, no Cash-Shop, only VIP System (without VIP Server) & Web-Credits for Premium Modules.
  • Helper from level 1.
  • Max ADD on Items: 28.
Gameplay Info
OldSquad is going to offer you a nice & unique experience with build-base, very interesting PvM and balanced PvP for all classes, that can satisfy any kind of player (passive, farmer, pvp-lover, afk-er, competitive, etc.).

Once again, OldSquad is bringing another innovation into the MU Online scene, coming out with a brand new gameplay.

The PHOENIX concept was born from 'try-fail-learn' mistakes and also from your own feedbacks and needs.

What's unique about PHOENIX? Well, EVERYONE will have a chance to compete, and the whole feeling of the server will please both low-exp/long-term lovers and also casuals/pvp-players that prefer to farm less and fight more, while having decent chances.

There are 2 big gameplay roads in PHOENIX, as it is a combination of Non-Reset server with a Max-Reset server:

1. Non-Reset Gameplay:

The first part of the server is the level 0-400 part. It is considered to be a semi-hard experience, a bit higher than the original NonReset, designed for everyone to be able to complete it in a decent amount of time in order to start competing (both casuals and hard-core players). The dynamic system plays it's role during this level 0-400, but in this server, instead of going up and down, it goes only from down to up (decrease -> increase) as game progress, in order to make it feel smooth at all the level stages (uniform progress instead of exponential progress).
Example of old system: You were spending 2 days for level 1-200 and 3 more for level 200-220. Now, instead, you'll spend 4-5 days for 1-220 in an uniform way.

The Non-Reset part of the gameplay also includes 2 breaks (with some content being released with them). The breaks are from 300-320 and 380-395.
The breaks needs 3 passers in order to be done (3 people to pass the level break). All 3 of them will be rewarded for the break-completion, and when the 3rd player finish the break, entire break-exp will be 50% from server exp, easier for the rest of players, until the next break completion, when the first one will be removed.
Example of break: If normal exp is 15.000 at level 299, when you enter break exp at 300, you will get only 15-20% of normal exp (which is 2.250-3000 in this case). When first 3 players finish the break, the exp for the rest of server for that break will be 50-60%. That means the rest of players will get around 7.500-9.000 exp.

2. Max-Reset Gameplay:
When you reach level 400, that's the moment when the gameplay explodes. You need to choose what you're going to do depending on your time. You have 3 different options:
  • Go for the reset(s) - maximum 10, all optional.
  • Go for the Quest3 and start farming Master Level for a PvP advantage.
  • Go for hunting/bosses/etc. as you have advantage over those that went for resets and farm your items, prepare for the moment when others will be able to compete again.
Now, most of casual players will stick with 400 and won't go for resets if they don't want to, but there are also pros and cons for why to do or not do the resets.
Firstly, if you choose to stay with level 400, you can only make limited amount of Master Level, that is raised after each reset. Secondly, you will have a really low ML exp, that is increasing after each reset.
Thirdly, each reset will bring you 60 extra points to spend and also UNIQUE BUFFS to your character (buffs like increase DEF%, increase AG%, increase HP%, increase DMG%, etc.), each reset giving better and better bonuses.
Now, the resets comes also with minuses, and they are the fact that you need to make the level 0-400 again, but with a lower exp for each reset you do.
Apart from that, you won't be able to compete for hard things when you are going for resets due to lower level than opponents.

So, as a conclusion, the PHOENIX concept is giving everyone a fair chance to START competing (with low effort), a medium chance for everyone to be really good (doing few resets, doing some ML), and a hard chance for people that really wants to be THE BEST (real long-term run that will be worth for every bonus and points you get extra, until 10 resets).​

Some bonus Gameplay info:

  • Quest 3 have low drops - it is hard - expect from few hours to few days to drop your items.
  • ML can be done on any mobs over level 95 (default GMO).
  • Swamp mobs are boosted in level compared to the rest of default mobs in order to offer the best ML exp from all maps.
  • There is no reset stats on web! So be careful with how you add your points! You can only reset stats with reset fruits farmed ingame (BoK+1/BoK+2/OldBox1/OldBox2).
  • 4 NON-PVP maps: Aida(1,2), Karutan1, Kalima7 and Crywolf where you can only KS.
  • 4 GENS maps: Atlans, Vulcanus, Raklion and Swamp.
  • All other maps are 100% PVP, with free KS (no ban), free PK (no ban).
  • PK clear is off, so if you want to PK you must also wait 20-60 minutes to clear and/or you must kill mobs.
  • Swamp is a level 395+ map designed only for Master Level.
  • Kalimas are populated!
  • There is no ARENA (forget about leveling on the same place for 3 months, that's not how MU is supposed to be).
  • Exp will be raised for lower levels anytime we consider (to encourage new players).
This system will make the game more interesting and more skill/build-based (+long term) and also the entire balance of server (Economy, PvP, PvM,etc.) will be adjusted anytime.

Also, the gap between top 30 characters and the rest of the server will be lower.

Also, any person who wants to start after xx days from server start can recover easily (if he plays a lot).
Non Reset System & Resets System
Non-Reset System (Level 1-399 and 0 resets):
  • Exp is Dynamic, but this time it's starting from very low and it goes up to higher values.
  • The main objective of this move is to let you feel and progress through ALL MAPS.
  • On older system it was too easy to pass first levels and then too hard for the last ones.
  • Now, on the new system, it will be an uniform progression where the difficulty is decreasing as game progress.
    • As an example, instead of making 1 level in 2 minutes at level 60 and 1 level in 5 hours at level 390, you will make like 1 level in 7 minutes at 60 and 3 hours at 390.
  • Basically, the exp difficulty is switched from high levels to lower levels, and balanced at the intersection.
  • In this way you'll feel the game much better and everything that it can offer you at all the stages, not just passing blindly and then dying for some high levels.
    • Level 1-160:
      • Exp is increased with 10% each 20 levels (21,41,etc.), that means at level 41 you will get 10% more exp than at level 40, same for 61 and 60 and etc. until 160.
    • Level 180-280:
      • Exp is increased with 15% each 20 levels (201,221,etc.), that means at level 201 you will get 15% more exp than at level 200, same for 221 and 220 and etc. until 280.
    • Level 300-320:
      • This is the Break 1, between this levels the EXP will go down to 15% of the amount of EXP that you gained at 299.
      • When first 3 players pass the 300-320 break, the break exp (300-320) will get up to 50% until break2 is finished when it will go back to normal exp (100%).
      • The rewards for first 3 players to complete the Break 1 are:
        • 1 week of Professional VIP (that is unlocked after first break) for 1st player.
        • 1x BoK+4 item +L +2x options at choice for all 3 players.
    • Level 320-335:
      • Exp rate is the same as the exp rate from level 299.
    • Level 336-366:
      • Exp is increased with 15% each 15 levels (336,351,366), that means at level 336 you will get 15% more exp than at level 335, same for 351 and 350 and etc. until 380.
    • Level 380-395:
      • This is the Break 2, between this levels the EXP will go down to 20% of the amount of EXP that you gained at 379.
      • When first 3 players pass the 380-395 break, the break exp (380-395) will get up to 60% for 7-10 more days when it will go back to normal exp (100%).
      • The rewards for first 3 players to complete the Break 2 are:
        • 2 weeks of Professional VIP for 1st player.
        • 1x Dark Elf/Nightmare weapon +L + 1x option at choice for all 3 players.
    • Level 395-400:
      • Exp rate is the same as the exp rate from level 379.
Master Level System:
  • Master Exp is very low (2x) but it can be boosted if you choose to go for resets.
  • You can make only a limited amount of ML on each reset:
    • 0 resets -> Max Level 40.
    • 1 reset -> Max Level 75.
    • 2 resets -> Max Level 100.
    • 3 resets -> Max Level 130.
    • 4 resets -> Max Level 160.
    • 5-10 resets -> Max Level 200.
  • Each reset is boosting the previous ML levels with 20% exp.
    • Example:
      • At 1 reset you have 120% exp for 0-40 ML and 100% for 41-75.
      • At 2 resets you have 140% exp for 0-40 ML, 120% exp for 41-75 ML and 100% exp for 76-100 ML.
      • Etc.
  • After each stage of ML (40,75,100,130,160) the global ML exp goes down with 6% compared to previous level exp.
Resets System (Level 1-399 and 1+ resets):
  • There is no more Dynamic exp rate (it is the same rate for level 1-400).
  • The exp is capped at Level 350 rate of 0rr exp (to spend less time on low maps which will be less populated and spend more time on higher maps which will be more populated - while having a small buff in exp to start with).
  • After each reset, the total exp rate goes down with 7% compared to previous reset exp rate.
  • Advantages of Resets:
    • Extra 60 points for each reset (to add).
    • Unlock of ML (until 5 resets when it reach the limit).
    • Boosted ML exp for previous ML stages.
    • Free rebuild of stat points if you made your build in a wrong way or want to test new things out.
    • ML is kept after Reset and it can give you an advantage at leveling up again.
    • You have a boost in level 0-400 exp, more noticeable on lower levels than on high levels.
    • You have an advantage at any lower-level events (including Arena Tournament) as you're stronger than normal 0 rr players.
    • Unique Bonuses:
      • 1RR -> +2% Damage(PvP/PvM), +1% Defense, +2% HP.
      • 2RR -> +3% Damage(PvP/PvM), +2% Defense, +2% HP, +5% AG.
      • 3RR -> +4% Damage(PvP/PvM), +3% Defense, +3% HP, +10% AG, +2% SD.
      • 4RR -> +5% Damage(PvP/PvM), +4% Defense, +3% HP, +15% AG, +4% SD.
      • 5RR -> +5% Damage(PvP/PvM), +5% Defense, +4% HP, +20% AG, +6% SD.
      • 6RR -> +8% Damage(PvP/PvM), +6% Defense, +7% HP, +25% AG, +8% SD.
      • 7RR -> +11% Damage(PvP/PvM), +7% Defense, +9% HP, +25% AG, +9% SD.
      • 8RR -> +13% Damage(PvP/PvM), +8% Defense, +11% HP, +25% AG, +10% SD.
      • 9RR -> +15% Damage(PvP/PvM), +9% Defense, +13% HP, +30% AG, +11% SD.
      • 10RR -> +18% Damage(PvP/PvM), +10% Defense, +15% HP, +30% AG, +12% SD.
  • Disadvantages of Resets:
    • Grinding Level 0-400 again.
    • All stats are lost after reset and you start only with the bonus points from each reset (60xResetNumber).
    • Equipped items are working only after you have the needed stats for them (but no levels needed for any item).
    • You won't be able to compete for bigger things until you'll not be again higher level.
    • You can be farmed by your opponents if they hate you (making it difficult to exp fast enough).
    • You can't use the Level 4 Wings (you need level 500+ for Wings level 4 to work).
    • You have lower level 0-400 exp after each reset.

We won't reveal all the info here, but if you are curious about the rest of things that OldSquad does offer (The events info, the new economy system info, the custom castle siege info, the spots info, the CM info & other info) we invite you to read our official info topic that can be found in our forum:

We'll also attach only 2 extra info topics here (credits info & special/hot features info), the rest of extra topics (Server Rules, PvP System, Events Levels Entries, etc.) can be also found in our forum at the Phoenix section.

Extra Info Topics:

Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW: Click Me
Info about CREDITS: Click Me

+ Many, many, many other things that can be found on our forum!

So, if you are an old school player, an experienced one or even a newbie that want to play some real MU you are welcomed in our community! :)

Let's bring MU Online to the next level!

Some screens:



Dec 19, 2016
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Hello OldSquaders & New comers,

Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our brand new server - Project Phoenix. Time to rise!

The server will be launched officially today (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+2 (follow counter from website).
You will be able to test the game, make parties, etc.
The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+2 (after 1 hour).

We're very excited and we hope that everything will be fine for you to enjoy!

You still have time to share this to your friends, groups, etc. and to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly means! So, share the news to your friends, families, pets, strangers and gather on the start day to conquer once again the OldSquad World!

More Info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2940-grand-opening-phoenix-important-info/


Dec 19, 2016
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Over 200 unique players (not chars) are currently playing and it keeps growing!

Everything is smooth, fresh and fun.
Only 20 hours passed since server launched!

Don't miss your chance to experience MU at the highest level of quality!

Join us and feel the difference!




Dec 19, 2016
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Both Breaks have been completed!
Newbies exp & drops have been boosted.
2k19 Guides Contest is under going.
Latest patch has been released.
We're working on new features that will be available soon.

Join us for an outstanding MU experience and feel the difference!



Dec 19, 2016
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Hello OldSquaders,

OldSquad Team would like to wish you a Happy Easter alongside with your loved ones!

We also want to let you know that Phoenix has passed its first month and it is going on a good direction.

Its development and the passion we have put in surpass anything you have seen before on our Community.

The thing is, you can join Phoenix anytime and be able to compete with older players, after few weeks of playtime, because the way that Phoenix Reset-System works - players who reset are weaker than newbies with level 380-400, until they reach high number of resets or high level after reset.

Apart from the Reset-System, if you join Phoenix you'll benefit from boosted exp for newbies (level 1-280) and boosted drops for newbies (starter skills) compared to how they were originally on start.

We really encourage you to try Phoenix out if you didn't until now and we guarantee that you'll like it from all points of view. And we're not even exaggerating!

It is not perfect, for sure, but the amount of work and time we had put in it have pushed it out as our best server yet.

Basically, you'll find pretty much anything you would like to have on a private MU server:

  • Nice Economy, almost anything matters and can be traded (even Zen - that plays an important role on Phoenix).
  • A lot of active (real) players at almost any hour.
  • Great events with nice rewards that motivates and rewards active play over afk play.
  • A lot of unique & custom features to make your life easier as well as making sure things are balanced out.
  • Any character being good and playable, having its own advantages and disadvantages, while on PvP almost all chars are balanced out.
  • Optimised Gameplay for both AFK'ers, PvP-lovers, Farmers and Hard-Core players.
  • Dedicated team to support you and to work on updates frequently.
Of course this are just few highlighted aspects, but you'll find out even more things that will satisfy you on Phoenix!

We're waiting you to join the greatest MU journey you could find nowadays! :)

Website: https://mu.oldsquad.ro

Full Info about Phoenix: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-many-details-about-server/

Kind regards,