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May 20, 2021
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Server location: France, Time zone UTC +1
Host: OVH (DDoS protected)
Online time: 99,99%

Server info:
Server-1 PK_x9999
Server-2 Offattack_NonPK_x2500

Version: Season 4 Epsiode 6
Exp: 99999x
Drop: 80%
Maximal stats: 32767
Points per level: 5/7/7
Maximal level: 400
Maximal master level: 200
Balanced PvP
Max IP Connection
: 3

In web Game Panel / In game /reset command
Stats stay
Items stay
Spells stay
Stay on spot: YES

Grand Reset

Require: 50 Reset
In web Game Panel OR in game /greset
Stats Stay
Items Stay
Spells Stay
Reward: 5000 Gold

Offattack Server info:

Exp: 2500x
Master Exp: 5x
Drop items disappear after 1 second
Maximal master level: 150(to get 200 need to go to Server-1)


A lot of new players are asking where did /freebies go. Well, the ones responsible for /freebies going away are aware of that. Thank you.
Since TODAY there is new Freebies available for all NEW players. This Freebie is 7,500 Gold.
To REQUEST freebies follow these steps.

1.Register an account.
2.Make a character in game.
3.Log in website and Vote for server on all links in Vote Reward.
4.Send me your freebie request to facebook.
5.While waiting for freebies can also like our page, but we don't request it from you.

Request must include:

1.Character name,
2.Date and time of last vote,
3.Information where you found our server.

Freebies will be added ASAP, but not later then after 12 hours.

If request will be in any other form - freebies won't be added.
Freebies will be added only to new accounts - registered AFTER 9 April.
All votes
HAVE TO BE FINISHED. If you will not do legit votes on all links - you will not get freebies!
One user can request freebies one time.
Much more freebies are available in Achievements.


17.04.2021 18:00 Server time we will have auction! Auction will take place in Server-1 Devias Church. Anyone can join auction - as bidders or just watch how it is happening.
In auction you will have chance to make a bid for DONATE items. Bids will be Sign of Lord. Sign of Lord drops everywhere - you just need to spend a little time collecting them!
What about Rules? Ofcourse there are rules :)

1. Minimal bid for items is announced together with item, but not less then 50 Sign of Lord.
2. Minimal bid rise for FIRST auction will be 20 Sign of Lord, auctions after the first one - 50 SOL.
3. One player(not one account, not one character - one PLAYER) can buy maximal 2 items - we need everyone to get a chance to get Donate items for free!
4. In time of bidding I expect from you silence. We don't chit chat in auction time. We DO chitchat in time between items - while Trade is being made or before next item anouncement.
5. When we come to Devias Church - we leave our Wings in Warehouse. Wings are the ones that are mostly responsible for LAG in game.
6. If player makes a bid, but can not pay it right away - after bidding for item is finished - player is disqualified from ALL auctions! No second chances!
7. Auction will start with Seed Sphere packs - Seed Sphere packs are not counted in Total Item count that user can buy. You can buy, for example, 3 Seed Packs + 2 items. We count only items, not the seeds.
8. Sign of Lord and Donate - these things doesn't work together. Don't try offering money to Admins for SOL.

What to expect from auctions?

3/4/5 Socket Full Fire new type items/Seed sphere packs. For first auction I can promise you - there will not be any custom items(like full EDRI or CDRI), but if there will be a lot of bidders and a lot of interest in this event - we will add more items and custom items in future. Also for the first auction don't expect 5 socket items. Lets keep the good ones for later! :)


/addstr - Add Strength
/addagi - Add Agility
/addvit - Add Vitlaity
/addene - Add Energy
/addcmd - Add Command
/evo - Evolve to 2nd and 3rd class
/zen 2000000000 - Set own zen to 2kkk
/reset |auto| - make reset in game
/greset - make Grand Reset in game
/post - POST in global chat
/re (On / Off / Auto) - Show/Hide/Automatical request approval.
/openware - Open warehouse anywhere IN SAFE ZONE
/attack - Start auto attack
/offattack (Server-2) - Start offattack


Character stats when mouse above character in safe zone:

Grand Reset,

3 camera,
Auto reconnect,
Auto attack,
Auto party,
Auto reset,
Grand reset in game,
Maximal 3 game clients from 1 IP,
Currency Exchange:

Here you can use Cash. Rates:

Cash ==> Gold = 1:500

Chaos machine rates

Item +10, +11 = 100%
Item +12, +13 = 100%
Wings 1lvl = 90%
Wings 2lvl = 90%
Wings 3lvl = 90%
Dinorant = 100%
Pet mix rate= 100%
Feather of Condor = 90%

Configured BOSS/Event drops

Blood Castle
(Any level): Drop 5 items, 20% chance of Ancient item, Seeds, Penta sphere, Jewel of Harmony and other - Every 2 hours
Chaos Castle
(Any level): Drop 4 items, 20% chance of Ancient item, Seeds, Penta sphere, Jewel of Harmony and other Jewels - Every 2 hours
Kundun Boss
: Drop 10 items, 80% chance of Ancient item, Exc items - Respawn in 5 locations every 3 hours
: Drop 10 items, 30% chance of Ancient item, High seeds and Gemstone bundle drop rates. - Respawn every 1 hour
(Crywolf event): Drop 4 items, 100% chance of random seed - Crywolf event 2 times a week
(Kanturu event): Drop 4 items, chance of random seed, chance of bundled Gemstone (10,20) - 1 time a day
Crywolf event
: Drop 3 items, high seed rate, gemstone bundle, Penta Sphere - 2 times a week
White wizard
: Drop 2 items, Pentas(high chance), Wizards Ring, Gemstone - Every 4 hours
Skeleton King
: Drop 3 items, Penta, 10% chance of Ancient item, Gemstone - Every 4 hours


Maximal EXC Options: 6
Maximal Socket Options: 5(ONLY EMPTY SOCKET)
Maximal item level: +15
Maximal additional option: +28 (7% HP recovery)

Achievement system(Freebies)

With achievement system you can earn Gold for WebShop with almost everything you do in game and website. Also it has Ranking system and different Laurels. Here is some examples for what you get rewarded for:

+Reaching specific stats,
+Reaching first reset and resets after,
+Vote reward usage(Extra Gold Coins),
+Character zen(!!),
+Market item selling,
+Market item buying,
+Friend invite,

Best of Achievements is for Vote Reward system, where you can get Seed Spheres of Choice or even FULL OPTION FULL SOCKET Weapon of choice(Donate type weapon with same seeds in it!!!!)(For free!)


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May 20, 2021
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365 online right now! Join our server and help us make new records! :)


May 20, 2021
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New event in forum! Get free VIP up to 10 days! Join before it's too late! :)


May 20, 2021
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Live Market - Live PvP - Live CS - Active Forum and Discord - Come and JOIN!