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Apr 10, 2008
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Am design this template and mod MuWeb 8 (Hack Fixed, 21.04.2008) - updated.

Features Mod V1.0:
All Muweb 8 + hack fixed
All S3 episode 2 features
All class found
All add points work
All class rankings select
Added new configs for Servers on admin panel
Added on index Servers Status and online characters on Server GS, GSVIP and GS_CS ( need change name of server on connectserver to GS, GSVIP and GS_CS )
Added Castle Siegue Module:
*Castle Siegue Guild Owner
*Casltle Siegue Tax's Rates
*Castle Siegue Reg Status Guild's
Added Castle Siegue Minimap Module:
Statues And Gates Status
And Configs for Avalible Siegue or not, Last Siegue and next Siegue Hours
Added Crywolf Module And start hours configs on admin panel
Added Illucion Temple Configs on Admin Panel

Features Update Mod V1.1:
Fix Control Panel
Fix small errors in new configs
Fix 65k Stats Suport
Fix Castle Siegue module
Fix admin panel error Log_Functions
Add New status on castle siegue module
Add Illucion Temple Module
Add Suport Module
Translate All to English
Update Swf Menu And Images




Here - MuWeb8_Season3_mod_V1.0_Beta (DarksTeam.net).rar

Here - MuWeb8_Season3_mod_V1.1_Beta(DarksTeam.net).rar

Credits: =Master=
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Много е добър браво AfterShock
Луд си е ;] 200/10
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Браво супер е :) 11/10 (лошото е че една част е на испански но може да се оправи от Index.php)
5/10, some images, modules, includes and JS missed... and have 1 hole :)
i'm posted this web only for design... i know that the web is not protected.
колкото и хора да влязат пише че са 0 защо така ?!?!
After You can add some Credits to man who make this :)
Дай на БГ че точно т'ва не мога да го разбера :d
Дай на БГ че точно т'ва не мога да го разбера :d

Иска да каже че трябва да се пиши и човека който е направил weba :) :angel_not::angel_not:

Как да направя надписа БАН ЛИСТ с червено ? на 0.8 уеб
<td><div align="right"><img src="images/arrow.jpg" alt="Arrow" width="9" height="9"></div></td>
                    <td class="link_menu" align="left"><a href="index.php?op=banlist"><font color=red><b>Ban List</a></td>
Това се слага в index.php :)

или по лесно изтегли това (сложи го в папката с muweb)


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Good But need other Languase for this web ... English Languase... :/