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Apr 8, 2008
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MuWeb 0.6A - Update Of MuWeb 0.6

1.Admin Area

  • Logs, you can see admin area logs and user cp logs like resets, clear pk, and add stats, requests send by users
  • GMs Show On Rankings (yes/no)
  • New Interface

2.User Cp

  • Admin Request, users can send request to Administrator
Screenshots of admin area


MuWeb 0.6 (With MD5 and without)

MuWeb 0.6 Contains:
  1. MD5 (on/off)
  2. Register
  3. Rankings
  5. Gallery (images are simply loaded from gallery folder)
  6. Statistics (Servers list,Characters statistics,Players on map,etc)
  7. Others wich i let you to find out

User Control Panel Contains:

  1. Character Manager
    - Reset Character
    - Clear Pk Status
    - Stats Add (For Dark Lords command field will apear)
  2. Change Password
  3. Mail
    - Send mail to characters
    - View mail you recive from others characters
    - Delete mails
  4. Server Signature
    - Code of signature for VB Forums
    - Code of signature for websites (html code)
Administrator Area Contins:
  1. Website Settings
    - Website Config
    - Reset/Pk Config
    - Mail Settings
    - Ads
  2. Add Server
    - Add Server
    - Edit Server
    - Delete Server
  3. News
    - Add News
    - Edit News
    - Delte News
  4. Add Link
    - Add link (Link will apear on downloads section)
    - Edit link
    - Delte link
  5. Edit Character
    - All you can edit at a character
  6. Edit Account
    - All you can edit at a acoount
  7. Find ip
    - Find character's ip

How to install?
I - http://your-address/install/install.php (very simple, nothing to do more)
II - If you are using MD5 mod enter in MD5 DLL folder and read README!!!.txt

Be sure what you select at MD5 encrypt when you make install
Yes for database who use MD5 (like 99.62, 1.02K)*
*If you use MD5, first of all go to MD5 DLL folder and read READ ME!!!.txt,then make install

No for old versions like 0.97d+ (the one who dosent have MD5)

You can access your admin area from address: http://your-adress/main.php?op=administrator

Downloads Mirrors:
- Click Here
*Lastupdate 04.02.2007/14:53
IE bug fixed

PHP Codes : =Master=
Design: =Master=
Language Corrections: LifeStealer


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