[AD] MuNexTLife | 5000xp | Season 4 Full!!| New Skills || Skill Tree

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Oct 26, 2008
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Server Is [Online]
Server Is Up For 26/10/2008!

There is one man, with one future. You can change his future, show everyone that you can do that!
Beat the Rankings, and be the Master, So. Join MuNexTLife Now..!!!!!

* Server Homepage : http://mu-nextlife.sytes.net

{Bug fixed on gs}

All pets Work 100%
All 3d class word 100%
All Summoner Wings 1,2,3 Work 100%
All Summoner items Work 100%
All NPc Season3 Work 100%
All Items season1,2,3 Work 100%
All Skills Work 100%
No Crash Game Server
No Freeze Game Server
No Crash Game Server drop box 1,2,3,4,5

[ Game Server_CS Bugs Fixed ]

All moves on new map work 100%
Deep Loren event work 100%
Cry wolf event work 100%

Data file 1.04x fixed ] (new)

New shops
New Spots
Box 1,2,3,4,5 fixed 100% all items is on box


Server Events :

* Devil Square (DS Event)
* Blood Castle (BC Event)
* Chaos Castle (CC Event)
* Castle Siege (CS Event)
* Kanturu (Maya Event/Nightmare Event)
* CryWolf (CW Event)
* Illusion Temple Event (IT Event)
* Sky Event (SE Event)

General Settings :

* Experience: 5000x
* Drop Rate: 80%
* Reset Level: [Normal 400]
* /post Command: WORKS!


Main Administrator : Kagouras
Administrator : -GoBLiNe-
Second Administrator : Karatist
Gms+: CiRCa
Gm: ????????

Play and HaveFun!!
Russian || Latvian || and English Server..!!!! Enjo and Have Fun!all in one..

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