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Apr 9, 2008
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!! New version 1.06 of MuMaker !!

In this version:
- Have been added Items 6 and sets the summoner. (3 official, the other 3 sets future are not yet official)
- Settlement is a problem with the ID of the new developments.
- Added the skills of the summoner.
- Added two more maps and the possible BloodCastle 8 and Chaos Castle 7.
- Fix a small bug in GuildMaker.

* New system WEB for reporting Updates on himself MuMaker *
* Control of Number of users who use it for WEB *

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Very good. Another good work by you parsy. Just watching you makes me happy :59:
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Thanks !!!

This Works Perfect with Season 3 Episode 2 Files posted from Dark Master
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не бачка дайте друг линк ..