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Apr 23, 2008
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MuServer ip Settings

D:\MuServer\CS\Connectserverlist.dat ( Global Ip )

D:\MuServer\CS\data\Connectserverlist.dat ( Global Ip )

D:\MuServer\CS\data\ServerInfo.dat ( Global Ip )

D:\MuServer\CS\data\ServerList.dat ( Global Ip )

Open this file with ''NotePad'' or ''WordPad'' , change the '''' into ur global ip.

Now the CS is done , than go this :

D:\MuServer\data\commonserver.cfg ( Local Ip Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig )
D:\MuServer\data\IpList.dat ( Global Ip )
D:\MuServer\data\lang\chs\commonloc.dat ( Local Ip Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig )

In these files press : ''Ctr+F'' put '''' and replace it in ur Local Ip like told here before.

Other files u have to change into ip's are :

D:\MuServer\Links\4.ink ( Local Ip . Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig )
D:\MuServer\Links\8.ink ( Local Ip . Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig )

In the 4.ink u have to press ; right click , proppeties , and u will see '''' overwrite it with ur local ip.

Do the same with 8.ink but this file has 2 ip's '''' overwrite both with ur local ip.

Than go : C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\
Open the ''Host file'' and u will see the followed information :

# Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# Dit is een voorbeeld HOSTS-bestand dat wordt gebruikt door Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# Dit bestand bevat de toewijzingen van IP-adressen naar hostnamen. Elke vermelding
# moet op een afzonderlijke regel staan. Het IP-adres dient in de eerste kolom te worden
# geplaatst, gevolgd door de bijbehorende hostnaam. Het IP-adres en de hostnaam dienen
# gescheiden te zijn door ten minste ййn spatie.
# Daarnaast kunnen opmerkingen (zoals deze) worden toegevoegd op extra
# regels of gevolgd door de computernaam, voorafgegaan door een #.
# Bijvoorbeeld:
# rhino.acme.com # bronserver
# x.acme.com # x clienthost localhost
Below the localhost write ur local ip and ur dns

For Example : localhost
192.168.xx.xx mydns.no-ip.org
This is optional for router users. This file should be added else people get dc after few seconds.

After that go : Start>Control Panel>HardWare and install ''Microsoft Loopback Adaptor''

When u've done that go to ur lan connection map Wich can be found in ur Control Panel either.
See : ''Microsoft Loopback Adaptor'' and press ''Proppeties''.
Than press ''Internet-Protocols [TCP/IP]'' and press ''Proppeties''
U will see three lines :
IpAdress : global ip : ''Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig''
SubnetMask: 255 0 0 0 ( for expample u can find : Start>Run>CMD>ipconfig )
Default GateAway: ur lan ip : ''Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig''

Than Press : Ok 2 times until the window is gone.

Than go : Start>Run>cmd>ipconfig and look after ur lan ip like : Default GateAway..... !
Put ur lan ip in ''IE'' = Internet Explorer like : http://192.168.x.xx
Than u have to forward some ports in ur router.

Open the followed ports :44405,55901,55557,55903,55906,55980

* Hint *
If u changed ur connectserver port like 54321 u must open ''54321'' tcp!

Now the ip section is done.
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