[AD] Mu-DeCom is BACK | 150 xp | 60 drop | Season3 Episode1 full | 24/7]

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Sep 24, 2008
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Mu-DeCom Administartion want you to present New way of Mu!
We have maded new mu with more intresting gameplay and with many features!​


About server​
  • Exp 150 (in golden party exp 200)
    Drop 60 %
    Monster XP 100%
    Bless BUG OFF
    No Jewels in shop
    No quest item in shop
    Noob sets and skills in shop
    MG and DL shop in devias
    Normal spots in Lorencia, Noria, Devias3,Arena2 and much more
    Soon new sets
    Soon client without sound
    Launcher with update function
    Helpfull administraion
    Forum Online
    And Much more

Intresting configuration:
When you finish BC quest you will recived 10s
You can make 3 lvl wings in chaosmachine
You can make 3rd lvl quest
Soon will opened crywolf and crywolf event!

Working event:

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Golden Dragon Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Kantru event
and much More!

Home page : http://mu-decom.sytes.net
Forum : Free forum : Mu-DeCOM
Registartion page : http://mu-decom.sytes.net/Mu DeCOM-Register.html
Client downlod link : http://faili.apollo.lv/download/shark001200/original/546306.exe

Skype - krishs15
e-mail - [email protected]

Fell free and ask about server!
Not open for further replies.