[AD] MorgaN Mu Online version 97d+99items no bugs

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Apr 23, 2008
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( Rate MorgaN Mu Online )

Server Exp : 3000x | Server Rate : 100% | Server Drop : 100%

Jewels ON shops : souls , chaos , life

Level Reset : 350

Wings ON shops : You can buy only wings lvl 1

Box of kundun ON shop : +1 , +2

( News MorgaN Mu Online )

Welcome to MorgaN Mu Online Greek Private Server.

This Server is Running in Greece / Orestiada

Server Sation : 200GB hard disk | 1GB ram | Windows Xp | 24mbs Internet Speed |

( Updateds MorgaN Mu Online )

GS With Max level 350 and fixed exp formula is attached!

gameserver auto close after typing /move: Fixed

can`t trade in lorencia: Fixed

summon orb: Fixed

PK bug: Fixed

BC bug: Fixed

Zen bug: Fixed

Party zen bug: Fixed

Potion bug: Fixed

+13+28 items working perfectly

Exp Formula: Fixed​
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