[Release] Milamber's Texture Tiles (Maps)


Jul 15, 2008
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Texture Tiles

Brought to you by:
- Kenny
- Milamber

So what is this about?
Well I hope you guys will put these to good use - make me proud.
There are 85 different tiles,map textures in there,all of correct shape.
Format is Jpeg.

...so what is this about???
:p hold on dumbass
So these can be used in any Mu Clients for map design - generally in World1,World2,etc. all the world files since the ground (floor) textures are in there.All you need to do is check the size and convert the JPEG files (and then rename them of course so that they replace the old textures).

Sample images:

Download HERE from Filefront
Download HERE from Megaupload

Thank you & enjoy.
I will look forward to releases containing a few of these textures.
Now get to work you lazy bums xD