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Jul 15, 2008
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Library Of Wisdom
By Milamber

I had this crazy idea (best of all is that its reasonably realistic).
As I open my own MU Online based gaming server and as I start to become a bit more popular in the Music World,as I continue with my studies,as I build up relationships I still haven't made a final release to the MU Online community.So keep reading!

I have worked for a few years with MU Online now and it means a lot to me.I have god knows how many Giga Bytes of work which I haven't release.Some of it is my own,most of it is stuff I found,downloaded and possibly added stuff to.

My idea is to make a .exe Installation Program compressed in the best .rar winrar archive format.
Its contents?

  • Unique & NEW & Old MU Online Music Soundtracks
  • FULL Server & Client files
  • Website Files + Website Software + Security Software
  • Tools and Server Basic Files
  • Game Client Software,sources,offsets,files.
  • Server Applications and GS Editors
  • Coding Tools (C++,ASM,Hex etc.)
  • All of my discoveries,comments,samples etc.
  • Shops,MonsterSetBases,Monster texts,Configs,Event files
  • Skins,models,projects,images
  • Server & Client tools for everything
  • Full guides for eveything + links + references
  • Admin tips and tricks
  • Coder tips & tricks
  • Website Files & many templates and images
  • GFX (Image Editing) tutorials
  • Extras (games,music,text files)
  • Credits (list of names)

Basically EVERYTHING I have ever come across in MU Online + some stuff about me (such as fav games and music,with the actual files at your disposal,of course).

All the names,links and work from hundreds of people and places all in one with FULL Commentary and references managed by me.

So the question is - would you like me to make this 1 final release/repack of all this stuff instead of keeping it away from you forever?(unless I get haxed lol).

Please vote on the poll at the top of this thread and post a reply with what you think.
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Hm I don't know. I think it will be a good idea if you release it, but after all its your decision... And by the way you can edit your post so you can add the poll. If you can do it just tell me and I will add it for you ;)
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