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Apr 8, 2008
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Part 1: Locating the GM Shop

First, have this in mind:
shop0.txt = Hans the Blacksmith = 251
shop1.txt = Bar Lorencia = 255
shop2.txt = Pasi The Wizard = 254
shop3.txt = Peddler (N00b area) = 250
shop4.txt = Peddler (Far to the north) = 248
shop5.txt = Potion Girl = 253
shop6.txt = Bar Davias = 244
shop7.txt = Wizard Shop Davias = 245
shop8.txt = Weapon/Armor Shop Davias = 246
shop9.txt = Yoda-Looking Dude In Noria XD = 243
shop10.txt = Elf Lala = 242

The bold number is the number for that NPC used in monster.txt and monstersetbase.txt.

Find, in monstersetbase.txt, all the entries starting with the NPC number you chose.
Eg. You chose Hans? You found these lines (EXAMPLE, REMEMBER!!!)
248        0   0  116  141 3
248        0   0  123  126 3
You erase one of them. In the other line, the one you didn't delete, you put coords of somewhere nobody can get to, only you, by warping. Example:
248              6  0   250  250 0
That would be some weird black spot in the middle of nowhere in Stadium, 251 being the monster code, 6 being the map number, 250 250 being the coords, the other two numbers being something you shouldnt tamper with :p.

Ok, that done, you have set the position of the "GM Shop" and made sure nobody can get to it, and there are no duplicates of the shop. Of course, you could always make 2 gm shops in different locations.

Part 2:

now add this ins shop4.txt
14 11 8 255 0 1 0 //Box of Kundun+1+Luck
14 11 9 255 0 1 0 //Box of Kundun+2+Luck
14 11 10 255 0 1 0 //Box of Kundun+3+Luck
14 11 11 255 0 1 0 //Box of Kundun+4+Luck
14 11 12 255 0 1 0 //Box of Kundun+5+Luck


Without this line, the Gameserver will give you errors. That's all
i know its on moster set base but whats the code??? to put them in lor bar
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dude i need the codes
i know where to put them i need the codes
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[color="magenta"]242[/color]	[color="cyan"]0[/color]	[color="royalblue"]5[/color]	[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]124[/COLOR]	[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]124[/COLOR]	[color="darkorange"]1[/color]

242 is the code for shop/monster.
0 is the code for town number.
5 is the code for distance.
124 124 are coordinates of your shop/monster.
1 is code for face dir.

This was example for Lala Elf in Lorencia Bar.
If I have any mistake or something else repair it.
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10x dude so now i only need to change the shop code and paste the other
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от едни форуми се копира в други хах...поне да го беше пооправил малко защото не всички версии са точно шоповете
ти малоумен ли си точно това са !! ако не си с некав едитвам мусървър
от едни форуми се копира в други хах...поне да го беше пооправил малко защото не всички версии са точно шоповете

По твойта логика на всяка версия трябва магазините да са с различна номерация... Аз защо ли не мисля така :chuckle:. ЛешО е прав, че всичко си е както трябва, а ако при тебе не са така това си е само при тебе :angel2:.
тцц кой каза че не са така....аз говоря че просто имам 1 шоп пред лоренция бара 1 жена върху 1 лодка с колби и като сложа гм шопа някъде из кординати тя в лоренция има същите неща като в гм шопа
Еми сигурно защото имаш два такива магазина и като преместиш само единия и му сложиш в него да се продават нещата който трябва да се продават в ГМ магазина ще е така... Същото е като имаш и 2 Paddler-а като сложиш в единия ГМ работите ги има в другия ;)
Can i create shop11 ?I don't want the others have GM shop only the admins or there will be GM shop in 0 0 0 ?
No change the cor to 2 5 5 or create gm shop to other cordinats