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Apr 8, 2008
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Hide N Seek 3.3


Terrorists (hiders) will have a certain amount of time to hide when CTs (seekers) cannot move. After this time is over, the terrorists, which have no weapons, must avoid getting killed by the CTs. When all terrorists are dead or CTs have lost a certain amount of rounds in a row, the teams will automatically switch.

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- Plugins to amxmodx/plugins and add them in plugins.ini (amxmodx/configs)
- CFG file to amxmodx/configs

hns_enable 0/1
- Enables/disables plugin

hns_gamename gamename
- Sets gamename, for instance the default in CS is Counter-Strike

hns_skyname skyname
- Sets the skyname, different skynames can be found here.

hns_lights a-z
- Sets darkness/brightness of a map, default: m

hns_voice vox/fvox
- Sets the countdown voice in the hidingtime

hns_timer 0-15 *
- Sets how long the hidingtime is. * The maximum is 15 if you want the voice.

hns_switch 0-unlimited
- Sets how many rounds CT must loose in a row for the teams to automatically switch

hns_slash 0-unlimited
- Sets how many rounds CT must loose in a row before they can use slash on their knives

hns_noflash 0-2
- 1 = Hiders is not affected by flash, 2 = Seekers

hns_removeweapons 0/1
- Remove weapons right after they are dropped

hns_removeobjects 0/1
- Remove breakables and doors

hns_block_kill 0/1
- Block the kill command

hns_block_chooseteam 0/1
- Block the chooseteam command

hns_footsteps 0-2
- Sets footstepsmode: 1 = Hiders has no footsteps, 2 = Seekers

hns_hudcolor red green blue
- Sets the color for hudmessages

hns_fadecolor red green blue alpha
- Sets the color on the screen for seekers in the hidingtime

hns_textcolor color
- Sets the textcolor for the plugin (Available: red, green, blue, grey, yellow)

hns_hiders_knife 0-1
- Hiders are given a knife to avoid speedbug

hns_hiders_armor 0-255
- How much armor hiders are given

hns_hiders_flashbangs 0-3
- How many flashbangs hiders are given

hns_hiders_smokegrenade 0/1
- Hiders are given a smokegrenade

hns_hiders_hegrenade 0/1
- Hiders are given a grenade

hns_seekers_armor 0-255
- How much armor seekers are given

hns_seekers_flashbangs 0-3
- How many flashbangs seekers are given

hns_seekers_smokegrenade 0/1
- Seekers are given a smokegrenade

hns_seekers_hegrenade 0/1
- Seekers are given a grenade

hns_msg_timer message
- Hudmessage displayed in hidingtime

hns_msg_timesup message
- Hudmessage displayed when hidingtime is over

hns_msg_hiders message 
- Hudmessage displayed when hiders win

hns_msg_seekers message
- Hudmessage displayed when seekers win

hns_msg_switch message
- Hudmessage displayed when the teams automatically switch

hns_teamsemiclip 0/1
- Enables/disables team semiclip

hns_teamsemiclip_alpha 0-255
- Transparency for teammates when team semiclip is activated

hns_teamsemiclip_shownames 0/1
- Shows the names of teammates in a team colored hud message when aiming at them

hns_fn_enabled 0/1
- Enables/disables frostnade

hns_fn_color red green blue
- Sets frostnade colors

hns_fn_duration seconds
- Sets frostnade duration

hns_fn_delay seconds
- How much time it takes before the frostnade explodes

hns_fn_hitself 0/1
- The grenade owner is affected by the frostnade 

hns_blockboosting 0/1
- Enables/disables block of boosting

hns_blockboosting_damage 0-100
- How much damage boosters are punished with

  • OneEyed - Original idea for Hide N Seek
  • Alka - Anything I might have asked for (Engine converting, nubslash++)
  • VEN - Buyzone range, bomb removal code, proper playerspawn code
  • X-olent - Noboosting code (Cheap_Suit), get_color and slap stock, fakeknife code
  • MeRcyLeZZ - Frostnade code from Zombie Plague (XxAvalanchexX)
  • teame06 - ColorChat code
Changelog 3.2-3.3
  • Changed cvars (again).
  • Added a define for the hudchannel.
  • Fixed fakehostage code.
  • Changed knife code stuff to FM_CmdStart.
  • Small fixes and optimizations.



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Dec 23, 2008
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Please give me HnS mod : frostnade granadetrail Blockmaker Clockmaker Tnx :)