[Help] [HELP!]GS don't start


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Jun 5, 2008
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hi everyone, i have big problem.
i test this -> http://darksteam.net/showthread.php?t=720 files
but GS don't want to start, and error is ->

Please tell me hot to fix it.
I use Win XP SP3, .NET 2 + .NET 3, Nod32, sygate.
i remove the nod32 , but the problem is not is "NOD32":puke:
That's why i rejected my XP SP3 Update from microsoft (kernel, system32, user32 and other shit are too bugy), so the SP is not finished yet :(
If u have time and u realy want those files, return to SP2 ;]
i return to SP2 , now istalling driver and others.
after 1/2 hours left i will try the gameserver..
now is give the error "Don't send" ::mad:: WHY ?
i check all files in data folder all passwords and IP's , now i'm with OS SP2!
Download and hos the files again (without touching Exp.. and other) just IPs and Sql passowrds and run it, if it gives ya an Dont Send Error again... Don't know, may be the files are buged..
now is this error ->


i use clean files