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May 25, 2008
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FunZmu presents you
FunZmu Season 3 - Episode 2!


FunZgames gives you FunZMu, We worked hard to eliminate many bugs and tested it for a long time, and now it’s ready for YOU!
We provide a balanced server with many special features and exclusive items.
When you have a problem just contact our professional staff and the will help you out in a blink of an eye!​

* Season 1 fully working
* Season 2 fully working
* Season 3 Episode 1 fully working
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner Wings
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner Wings Options
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner Wings Mix.
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner Quest
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner Items
* Season 3 EP2 Summoner Skills
* Season 3 EP2 Summonor PK
* Season 3 EP2 Maps fully working.
* Season 3 EP2 Mobs fully working.
* Season 3 EP2 Interface fully working.

So yes, season 3 features:
*S3-wings mixes,
*Ilussion event

Special features:
* Very hard bosses, you need full party to kill them. Chance that it drops the new items.
* /post, /pkclear, /str, /ene
* Custom events
* FunZsets (new ones, you will love them)
* Magic gladiator can wear helm, + 2nd sword. (now got a chance vs BK)

Other features:
* Good support with problems.
* Many events.
* Helpful staff.
* Active forum.
* FO items, you can win those with (forum) events.

Server Stats:
* Experience: 5000x
* Drops: 80x
* Reset Level: 400 keep stats
* Shops: +7 items. (you have to find some shops for the good items. They are Hidden)

* All characters are more balanced now, Elf, MG, SM, DL got more Power now to attack BK.
* You level very fast, but it takes time to find the best of the best.

Main site:

Download the client:
FunZmu direct download


Inferno i Haste template комбинирани заедно :)
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