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Apr 8, 2008
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FunMod! v4.0

Creates an environment to emulate extreme randomness, and stupidity. Every minute or so (controlled by cvar, 60sec = default) a "Random Event" will occur at which point gameplay will change keeping players on their toes and having "fun". Also has many other fun functions and radomness-nesses

  • sv_fmod -- turns on/off the mod[default=1]
  • fmod_health -- amount of extra health recieved by a player on a "Death Streak" [default=20]
  • fmod_money -- amount of money given to a player when reaching, and ever kill during, a "Killing Streak" [default=100]
  • fmod_dstreak -- deaths in a row before you are considered on a "Death Streak" [default=4]
  • fmod_kstreak -- killes in a row before you are considered on a "Killing Streak" [default=5]
  • fmod_debug -- Toggles on/off Debug Mode...DEBUG MODE WILL CAUSE LAGG!! [defualt=0]
  • fmod_eventinterval-- Time between each random event [default=60.0sec, must be a decimal!]
WARNING: Do NOT place the fmod_eventinterval cvar any less that 7.0, it will probably crash your server.

Client Comands (in console or chat):
  • /fun -- Rolls the "fun dice".
  • /fbuy -- Opens fun buy menu.
  • /next_event -- Displays time till next random event.
List of Random Events:
  1. Random player gets a random weapon
  2. Darkness with ocassional thunder flashes
  3. All CTs get Godmode
  4. All Ts get Godmode
  5. All CTs become invisible
  6. All Ts become invisibile
  7. Knife mode, only can use knives
  8. Slaps everyone for 10dmg
  9. Gravity Shift, everyone has lower gravity
  10. CTs get Noclip
  11. Ts get Noclip
  12. All CTs health is cut in half
  13. All Ts health is cut in half
  14. Scout Mode, only use scouts
  15. AWP Mode, only use awps
  16. Nade Mode, only use gernades (refills when you run out)
  17. Heals Everyone to full health
  18. Heals CTs to full health
  19. Heals Ts to full health
  20. Everyone on server runs really fast.
Required Modules:
Engine, Fun, and Cstrike
v1.5--fixed a bug with the /fun dice roller.
v2.0--added the same model random event, fixed 2 typos, moved the HUD messages to the top-center of the screen.
v2.5--removed need for fakemeta module.
v3.0--updated remove_task to check if the task exists first, then, if so, remove it.
v3.5--changed the /next_event comand to be more accurate, now if you change the fmod_eventinterval cvar during play, the /next_event comand will still be accurate. Also fixed a bug with the same model random event.
v3.5b--changed longjump method, because of a typo
v4.0--found a method to fix a runtime stack error

Credits: Rolnaaba


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