[Release] EMUWeb v6


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Jan 31, 2019
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#Hosting Requirements:
- PHP 7.0
- PDO DBlib activated
- Ioncube Loader
- Support 1 MySQL Database
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# Supported Versions
- From 0.97d to Season 16.
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#General modules
- HomePage
- News
- Information
- Events (Information, Awards and Times with Countdown)
- Downloads
- Rankings (Top Players, Top Classes, Top Guilds, Top Killers, Top Duels, Top Gens, Castle Siege, Top Online Users)
- Regulation
- Help Guides Section.
- Character profiles with Power calculation and last location.
- Clan Profiles with list of members, Score and all the information.
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# User Panel Modules:
- General (Information and status of your characters)
- My account (Change password and verify email)
- My characters (Reset, Master reset, Distribute Stats and Delete PK)
- My Purchases (Activate Packs, Buy Coins, Buy VIP x days, Buy Resets)
- Classifieds and Shops (Trade module, classifieds, posts, party search or any advertisement from a user to the rest)
- My Rewards (Unlimited rewards system can be awarded with coins any type of advance in the game of users automatically)
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# Administrator Panel Modules:
- Home (General Server Information)
- Countdown settings
- General configuration.
- Social networks and Widgets
- Seo & Keywords
- Configure Homepage
- Appearance and Style (Modify Template colors, images, backgrounds, logo)
- SMTP Data (Sending Emails in Registration and Retrieve Password, Verify Emails System)
- News Settings
- Information Configuration (Unlimited)
- Castle Siege Configuration (Start Day and End Date)
- Configuration, editing and adding Events
- Edition of Regulations.
- Rankings (Total configuration)
- Resets, PkClear and Stats (Total Configuration)
- Configure Donations and Add Packs (Unlimited)
- Rewards System
- Guide System
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# Security Modules Admin Panel:
- Coins Control (Control server coins and search for users)
- Block Accounts (Ban users)
- IPs search engine and User search engine
- Port Checker
- Configurable Cache system
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# Modules for Accounts:
- Edit Accounts
- Edit Characters
- Add Coins
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# Total Donation Control (All movements and logs of donations with the possibility of activating pending donations)
# Control of Visitors to the Web (How many people entered in the last 24 hours) in real time and with registration of Logs by IP.
# Donations by Paypal and Mercadopago