[Guide] Diablo 2 server with 1 or more realms


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Feb 3, 2009
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One realm:

First - Downloads:
You need pvpgn server files and game server for your diablo version. You can download them from here.
Second - Configuration:
You need to change the ips with your global ip in next files: d2cs.conf , d2dbs.conf , realm.conf and d2gs.reg. Lets see how it's look like from next pictures:

Second - Configuration:
Change the ip with your global ip where it's written IP and the name where it's written NAME:

Again same. Change the ip where it's written IP:

Where you have D2CS put the name you put in d2cs.conf. Where you have "PvPGN Closed Realm" put your server description. On IP you already know:

Where you see change it with your global IP then run the file:

That's it! Now you just need to run pvpgn.exe , d2cs.exe , d2dbs.exe and d2gs.exe and you have working diablo 2 server. :)

Two or more realms:

First and most important you need 2 DIFFERENT computers with DIFFERENT IPs. If you don't have this, forget about second realm!

First - Configuration:
All configuration comes only into d2cs.conf. Now 1-st lets see on your own d2cs.conf configuration. Where you see IP that means your global ip. Where you see IP2 that means you need to put the global IP of the other computer:

2-nd you need to configure d2cs.conf of the other computer. Here IP means global ip of the other computer and IP2 means the IP of the first computer:

d2dbs.conf is same. There you need just to put the ip of the second computer. No need configuration for realm.conf.

Second - Enjoy. :)
Now you just need to run d2cs.exe , d2dbs.exe and d2gs.exe . YES YOU DON'T NEED PVPGN.EXE BECAUSE THE SECOND COMPUTERS USE THE PVPGN.EXE OF THE FIRTS COMPUTER. That's it! For more realms just add the third ip on gameserverlist in d2cs.conf of the 1-st computer with "," . :)

If anyone have any questions feel free to ask. :)

Credits: Dante

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